I know many of us have grown up watching wrestling for years now. As a young boy back then, I always captivated by Steve Austin’s signature move and could not help singing along the Rock’s theme song.

Well, WWE SuperCard is a collectible card game that features the thrilling larger-than-life action that takes place in the actual WWE wrestling ring. In this game, you will be challenged to create your team that includes WWE superstars, legends, and Divas.

Afterward, you will be expected to train individuals in your team then battle them in different matches hoping to test your luck in higher tier tournaments. With 400+ cards in active play, each card in the game represents at least one of the seven rarity levels.

What I like most about WWE SuperCard is that it has an extremely vast array of action-packed collectible content that also features high-value replays. This explains why it has millions of electrified players.

With such a huge player-base, you must have already thought of how you can easily gain cards frequently in such a competitive card game. To be honest, this is possible but you will need to be very careful when evaluating your options.

For starters, you can simply do so by using one of the best WWE SuperCard bots. These lightweight software programs are quite effective and work like magic even when you are asleep. I mean, who would not want to wake up only to find out that they have a very rare card in their collection?

While this sounds fun and game, you will need to be extra careful especially when checking out the legality of using your most preferred WWE SuperCard bot.

Other options include trying your luck with various hacks that can easily be found on the internet. However, some are extremely shady and might end up corrupting your device or even get your gaming account banned.

To be safe, I have compiled a quick winning list, in this article, that you can use to cheat and get ahead in WWE SuperCard. So let us get to it, shall we?

1. Beginners should always compete with opponents with high losses

The best working strategy for those starting is that you always need to battle opponents who have a very poor winning record. A record with high losses than wins depicts an imbalanced opponent and therefore reflects more chances for you to win. By engaging and beating them in high-octane battles, you will be able to get fast wins that will also get you familiarized with the game’s mechanics.

2. Specifically use your common cards to train and strengthen your valuable cards

We all know that practice makes perfect, right? Well, in WWE SuperCard, training makes perfect. For an added advantage, you can purpose to use your common cards to train and prepare your strongest WWE Superstar, Diva, or Legend cards. By doing so, you will be enabling these cards to reach their full potential by reaching their level cap.

3. Use some of the repeatedly collected rare and uncommon cards for training too

It is common to collect a bunch of similar rare and uncommon cards in WWE SuperCard but it is very difficult to let them go. While making sacrifices equates to redeeming success, you should use some of these cards to strengthen your deck of strong cards by adding them to your regimen of training.

4. Stash your rare cards

It is a common practice among many players to store rare cards and not use them. Just like saving for a rainy day, you should consider keeping a balanced and strong deck of at least 2 rare Divas and/or 8 rare Superstars. While this formation should be broken out in the King of the Ring mode, it would be best to stash a backup deck of rare cards. This will come in handy if you will end up losing too much energy on your main deck.

5. Use your support cards wisely

Throwing your support cards into fray seems like a good idea and it is. As the name suggests, support cards are meant to be helpful despite many players often forgetting to use them while battling. These could sometimes mean the thin line separating your victory and defeat. As a proven strategy, you should always choose a support card before selecting your wrestler one. Now, this is where lots of your attention will be needed. Carefully evaluate a match and determine what it calls for. If it is high charisma, it will not do you any good to use a toughness support card.

Well, there you have it. Despite, your experience level, you can use these very basic cheat hacks anytime to win any of your future WWE SuperCard battles.