Chances are that you have at least one WhatsApp application installed either of your devices. That said, s there ino doubt that WhatsApp is now almost everybody’s favorite messaging platform. The social network currently has billions of active users.

With such a huge following, businesses can’t resist its urge to be used as one of the best connection points to prospective customers. For this reason, WhatsApp business was born. Currently, this only exists as an Android version and it basically helps organizations and businesses to stay in touch with both current and prospective clients.

Similar to other social networks, businesses here also have to start by creating a working profile. This is rather a simple process but plays a great deal in either making or breaking a company. Normally, you’ll just have to fill in the general details about your business with a short description of what you have to offer.

Originally, if you have a very huge network of customers following your brand, it was typically hard to reply to each message from them. For starters, this would cost you even more bandwidth to do so.

However, with WhatsApp business, you are able to quickly create responses befitting only situations that warrant urgent replies. This can might include messages offering your customers discount coupons or just to confirm the delivery of a product.

This coupled with a strong marketing campaign for your brand translates to steady growth in your customer base. While replying to thousands of concerns every hour can be literally daunting, many users have opted to automate the messaging platform.

Apart from messaging, WhatsApp business also simplifies other tasks such as allowing customers to make purchases through the platform. With such a busy world, automation now seems to be taking center stage in almost every industry and what better way to do so other than using bots, in this case, WhatsApp business bots.

In this article, I will quickly summaries the very basic yet crucial things that you should all know when it comes to choosing the best WhatsApp business bots. I will also provide you with an outlined list of the best bots for WhatsApp business that you can easily choose from.

What Are WhatsApp business Bots?

A WhatsApp business bot refers to a programmed agent that autonomously communicates on the WhatsApp business platform, often with the task of automating and influencing discussions and opinions between businesses, their following, and the overall readership. These are generally known to automate messaging, marketing, and farming processes.

Pros & Cons Of Using WhatsApp Business Bots


  • Saves businesses and organizations both time and money
  • Can be accessed at any time and from anywhere
  • Automates quick replies with a common message for different repetitive concerns


  • They still rely on humans for decision making and approval especially when it comes to orders and purchases
  • Some are very expensive to maintain

Best WhatsApp business Bots You Should Check Out Right Now!


Yalochat is an AI-powered WhatsApp business bot that enables businesses and organizations to intimately interact with their customers. It basically helps them to effectively engage one other and eventually lead to the development of stronger customer relationships.

As one of its 700000+ weekly users, Yalochat is one of my personal favorite bots and number one recommendation to anyone looking for an effective WhatsApp business bot. The bot uses deep learning technologies, has regular updates, and increases conversion by 90%.

All these cumulatively strengthen user experience but unfortunately, Yalochat doesn’t have a reporting dashboard.


  • Increases conversion by 90%
  • Has great user experience


  • Doesn’t have a reporting dashboard


Botsociety offers great botting solutions for WhatsApp business but comes with a twist. To begin with, most of us usually love to try out or bots before making any kind of long-term commitments.

That said, Botsociety offers users with a convenient bot customization platform to design and try out their bots for WhatsApp business in advance. They have an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface and enables team members to collaborate through a given project.

Startups can sign up for a free package but as your resources grow, you can plan to upgrade to their professional package. This will only cost you $79 and has more features.


  • Allows users to collaborate through a project
  • Has a user-friendly interface


  • Only offers bot customization services


Botscrew is another popular WhatsApp business bot that uses AI in its functionality. This means that its users can customize bot features that include increasing business intelligence.

Despite being an enterprise solution type of bot, it also features great marketing and tailored messaging capabilities. To get started you can request a demo version to first try out before subscribing.


  • One can get a demo version
  • Has great marketing capability


  • Only has an enterprise version


Gupshup is one of the globally known social media bots there is. It has its headquarters in Silicon Valley and can be used to automate message responses in multiple social media networks including WhatsApp business.

The bot incorporates uses of a bot-scripting tool that enables its developers to create effective chatbot updates and users to customize their chat assistants. As for pricing, be prepared to incur a cost of $0.001 per message.


  • Supports multiple social media networks
  • Incorporates the use of a bot-scripting tool


  • It’s comparatively expensive


Developed by Avio, a communications company that was established back in 2012, Agentbot has been designed to help its users streamline their communication channels.

The bot uses AI and enables business entities to easily build their conversation flows in WhatsApp business. Luckily, you can schedule a demo version to test them out first.


  • Has a demo version
  • It helps businesses to streamline their communication channels.


  • Automates building of conversation flows only

What Should You Check in a WhatsApp business Bot?

While the business and technology industries continue to become more dynamic by the day, it’s also increasingly becoming difficult for people and businesses to make the right choices when it comes to picking bots. In context with WhatsApp business bots, I can only advise you that you begin by clearly assessing what exactly your business needs are first. Could it be assessing customers’ intent, building relationships, or farming for followers? Knowing this in advance will greatly help you pick the best WhatsApp business bot.