Evolution today is only be limited to our genetic makeup alone but also the way we do things and our ways of living. In this techno-modern era, almost every aspect of our daily activities have been digitized.

That said, our education systems have also not been spared as the technological influence continues to change learning. Teachers today from all over the world are always on the lookout for innovative tools that would boost learners’ engagement and interaction in class.

Lucky for you if you are looking for such then you should try Quizizz.

Quizizz can simply be termed as an online-based assessment software that will allow you to create and share subject related quizzes with your learners. This tool allows you to set timed quizzes for competitive purposes or assign them as homework with a deadline.

Additionally, Quizizz has a formative assessment feature that teachers can easily use to determine student progress and see areas that need more focus.

However, its popularity has sparked a growing demand for Quizizz bots. In this article, I will be sharing my thoughts on bot usage in Quizizz and provide you with a quick list of the best bots that you can safely use today for your homework in Quizizz.

What are Quizizz bots?

Competition associated with learning has always been very tight and sometimes aggressive. To cope with such environments students seem to heed the adage that “failing to prepare is preparing to fail.”

However preparing alone sometimes is not enough, some have resorted to their slogan that “if you cannot beat them, bot them” and this is where Quizizz bots come in handy.

For starters, Quizizz bots are software applications developed with special codes designed to exploit vulnerabilities in Quizizz giving users a competitive advantage.

Pros & Cons of using Quizizz bots


  • Automatically answers questions on your behalf
  • Gives users a competitive edge
  • Are undetectable by teachers


  • Privacy issues
  • Some can get your gaming account banned
  • Does not reflect actual student progress


Best Quizizz bot you should check out right now!

1. Quizizz-bot

Kicking us off is a GitHub-based bot for Quizizz developed by Reteps back in November 2019. Due to its dependencies on Python 3+, selenium, and chrome driver, it is only fair to state that the bot is extremely experience-based.

This means that its usability will not favor many especially non-techies.

However, it has received recent important updates that include fixes for QuizID Obfuscation, and random delays. In case yours ends up being buggy, try refreshing it and it will work.


  • Easy to fix
  • Recently updated


  • Not for non-techies

2. Quizizz Spambot

As the name suggests, this bot hacks into Quizizz by spamming the live quiz game. This means that the bot introduces numerous coded programs into Quizizz that simultaneously work to answer quizzes.

Currently, this bot is only available through a specific forum and this limits its accessibility to most users. A very important feature in this bot is that it helps protect user registration information and therefore makes it hard for teachers to know you are using it.


  • Protects users information
  • Not detectable


  • Limited accessibility

3. Quizzes Smasher

Continually praised as the first-ever and only Quizizz smasher on the internet so far, this web-based application works by flooding any Quizizz session of your choice.

In its functioning, it pours out numerous bots into the live quiz game that works like minions in hacking through different quizzes. On the downside, this bot has not been well marketed thus, its current statistic of 148 visitors per day.


  • Works well
  • Web-based application


  • Not well marketed

4. Manybot

Unlike most bots that entirely exist independently, Manybots is an innovative platform for bot creation. While this sounds like you need to have skills in at least one programming language as a prerequisite, the reality is quite the opposite.

With the Manybot platform, anyone can easily make a Quizizz telegram bot in just a few minutes. Luckily, you can spruce your bot by customizing it accordingly and automate quiz solutions.


  • Allows for customization
  • Best telegram bots for Quizizz


  • Not well known

5. Omegaboot’s Quizizz Bot

Developed by @SimDoes and @idiidk, this Quizizz bot is open-source software and free to use by everyone. Despite it being hard to find through the vast internet, the hassle is worth the search once you have it.

This bot works by flooding up to even thousands of bots in Quizizz. As expected, this creates chaos in the game. While many have expressed their satisfaction using it, some have praised it for its ability to “remind” teachers on whose “boss”.


  • Great at flooding Quizizz
  • Open-sourced


  • Hard to find

What Should You Check in a Quizizz Bot?

In summary, Quizizz is an effective live quiz game for boosting class interactions and engagement. However, due to challenging quizzes, many have resorted to using bots. Before using one, you need to find out if it is legal to use. To be safe, always be keen when reading the data privacy policy. This will help keep your most valuable information protected from scammers and spammers.