Pokemon Go is such a fantastic game. All you have to do is to take a long stroll searching and catching Pokemons and loading up your backpack with essentials for your trainer at every Poke Stop.

However, becoming a Pokemon Go master is very demanding and most players opt to use easier alternatives to win. Since its inception, more and more players have been recorded to be using Pokemon Go bots to boost their competitive advantage in the game.

While this is just one efficient way of quickly getting to Pokemon pro status, below are more tricks that you will need for winning. So read on.

Efficient Usage of Incubators

Normally, eggs are either collected by visiting Poke Stops or redeemed from gifts in the game. These are vital in getting Pokemons, boosting candies, and increasing your experience points (XP).

But, these can only be achieved by walking a distance of 2 – 10 km after putting the eggs in an incubator. Every player gets an infinite use of the incubator, a 3x incubator reward, and an option to buy more from the shop.

For you to increase your chances of winning, you’ll need to start practicing the efficient usage of incubators and its related rewards. To do so, you can start by only using the 3x incubator reward for 10km eggs and only using the incubator for the eggs collected over short distances.

One more thing, you might need to keep an eye out for special events that slashed hatching distances.

Concentrate on Building Your XP Before powering your Pokemon

XP is such a crucial requirement in Pokemon Go as it determines the proficiency and capabilities of your trainer. Having high XP levels also helps you to level up quickly in the game by heightening the rewards you get, help your Pokemon to hatch and evolve quickly to a greater level, and so on.

Seriously, who does not need more firepower in Pokemon Go?

Therefore, it’s very crucial that you save up your Pokemon power-ups first and concentrate on building your XP levels. I strongly recommend that you should consider powering your Pokemon only when your XP level is more than 20.

This will help you save on candies. Here are some of the things that you can do to start building your XP now:

  • Catch anything and everything you find in a Poke Stop
  • Use candies in excess to evolve base Pokemons
  • Only use your Lucky egg when you are actively playing Pokemon Go
  • Conquer gyms by battling with your friends

Explore and Master the New Research Functions

To give the game more flavor, its creators have added a new function called Research. This part exclusively gives players an array of new tasks to finish.

By following this route, this function unlocks rare Pokemons that tend to appear as special events. To help you master these research functions better, here are some handy tips to get you started with a win.

  • If you can’t complete a task, delete the Field Research and you’ll be assigned a new one.
  • Avoid claiming all of your rewards on the same day.
  • Preserve your final reward if you are sure that there is a new Pokemon for you to catch,

Only Pick Battles You Can Win

As cowardly as this might sound, it is only rational not to fight 50000CP Kyrogre with one of your low power Pokemon, let’s say the 86CP Squirtle. We all know that this battle is already lost even before it begins.

This will later force you to revive and treat your beaten Pokemon with portions. To avoid unnecessary loses you need to always check the opponent’s power before the start of a Raid Battle.

However, you can make some progress by battling more powerful Pokemons in Gyms. This will be possible only if you are skillful enough to tire them out.

Use Battery Saving Mode

Pokemon Go consumes a lot of power and is popular for draining battery juice quickly. To ensure maximum playtime and an increased chance of winning, you might need to master and use battery saving techniques.

However, your device should have a working accelerometer in it for the battery saving mode to be able to shut down the screen. This will allow you to continue playing Pokemon Go even after putting the device in your pocket and you’ll often get vibration alerts to remind you to Pokemon.

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