Path of Exile or better known as PoE is an action-oriented video game that is free to play owned by Grinding Gear Games. The game was first released as a beta version in 2013, an Xbox version in 2017, and a recent version for PlayStation 4 in 2019.

With an above-ground perspective, a player gets to control their character while exploring different battlegrounds and collecting experience points (XP) and equipment by accomplishing different Non-Player Character (NPCs) based quests. One thing is for sure, if you loved playing Diablo II then you will enjoy playing PoE, especially when it comes to exploring different isolated maps.

To start you off, you will have to choose one of the six available character classes in the game. Better characters with more attributes can be unlocked later on as you advance through the game’s Acts (levels). One thing that makes PoE be more fun includes the collection of rare items, which are usually generated on a random basis in the game.

However, these items normally come with different properties and gem sockets. All these special components make your character more advanced, better equipped, and ready to level up. This ensures that you are able to gain more experience points through different quests.

Interestingly, PoE allows players to alter the potency of their characters. To do so, you would need to have support gems that can be used to modify the active skills of your character. However, there is a limit on the number of gem sockets in the game and therefore, players ought to be more careful with gem usage.

That said and unlike other action-based role-playing games (RPG), PoE doesn’t have in-game currency. Its randomly generated items are its currency items and can be used the same way an in-game currency would have been used.

Due to the fact that collecting specific gems with powerful attributes can be very demanding in terms of playing time. You can refer to this as a limited necessity if you like. As a result, many players have resorted to the use of PoE hacks and PoE bots.

As the demand for such efficient software continues to increase, I thought it wise to compile everything that you would need to know on the best PoR bots. In fact, I will be discussing some of the best bots for Path of Exile later on in this article.

What Are the Path of Exile Bots?

For those wondering what Path of Exile bots are, here is a quick definition. These refer to intelligently designed computer-based programs that actively use artificial intelligence to specifically play Path of Exile as humanly as possible while you are away. These bots are most popular for carrying out tasks such as farming for in-game items and helping players with upgrades.

Pros & Cons of Using Path of Exile Bots


  • Farms in-game items fast
  • Saves users lots of playing time
  • Helps with speedy advances in the game


  • Some bots make the game to hung
  • Some are not beginner-friendly

Best PoE Bots You Should Check Out Right Now!

The PoE Guild Discord Bot

Created by VeenarM and availed through the Gitlab platform, the PoE guild discord bot is a typical discord bot that has been made to automate the management of guild in the Path of Exile. It is quite effective at automatically recruiting more members, but they have to be linked first.

While using it, make sure that every member in your network has to set their system’s time to be in synchrony with your time in the PoE website. This essentially avoids mismatches and helps to avoid bot detection. Unfortunately, the current version lacks an essential feature for caching.


  • Can be accessed easily
  • Effective in guild management


  • Lacks a caching feature


Foxbot is widely known for its innovative creation of advanced and very effective bots for online games. Their latest creation involved a GitHub-based project that led to the inception and development of the PoE-Bot.

The bot currently functions as an add-on that you can download and easily install on your favorite browser. I would recommend using Chrome in this case for maximum experience. On the downside, there is very limited information as to how the bot works, its features, and updates.


  • It is readily available in GitHub
  • It is easy to install


  • Has less information for interested users

The Famous Exiled Bot

Developed and published by a very passionate team of developers who love gaming, the exiled bot is quite famous for its multipurpose features in PoE. The bot can literally do anything for you in Path of Exile and you can configure its automated tasks to your liking

The bot works by the use of reverse engineering combined with C++ programming. Its interface is quite intuitive and easy to follow but it lacks solid bot detection features for PoE. Before installing it, you’ll have to make sure that you have the latest version of Direct X in your system.


  • Carries out multiple tasks in PoE
  • Has an interactive interface


  • It can get you banned from PoE

Pathil the Path of Exile Bot

Pathil is another excellent bot that you can start using on PoE. The bot basically automates PoE background botting features. What I like about this Pathil is that it is capable of finding dynamic paths on the map and can handle basic combat routine.

It was recently updated and rewritten using C++ to give it a boost in PoE but in my own opinion, its anti-cheat module seriously needs work.


  • Supports background partying
  • Can handle basic combat routine and looting tasks


  • Its anti-cheat module is weak


Finding and using a dynamic bot that can handle impromptu game updates is like finding a piece of heaven in the gaming universe. Well, PatchBot might just qualify to fit this description when it comes to playing PoE.

Don’t take my word for it, credible statistic show that the bot has over 800,000 users already. To be exact, PatchBot is capable of regularly updating and automating your discord network so that it can effectively run even with the latest Path of Exile updates. Luckily, they have over 6000 servers just for this purpose.


  • Keeps your discord channels in check
  • Has over 800000 gamers and more than 6000 servers


  • Works for PoE discord channels only

What Should You Check In A PoE Bot?

While bot availability and its regular update really matter during bot selection, I tend to be more biased towards a bot that can handle multiple tasks and not get you banned in PoE. That said, my best choice for PoE is Pathil.

If you decide to use it too, just remember not to use a bot for long hours or your account might be picked up by PoE’s bot radar.