Pinterest is an American-based social media website that facilitates availability and easy access to information on the internet through images, GIFs, and short videos. The platform was created by Evan Sharp, Ben Silbermann, and Paul Sciarra. It currently boasts of a monthly average of 300 million active users and is also available in 27+ languages.

Despite being a social network that’s purely based on images, Pinterest has evolved and is now being used by millions of regular users worldwide to market products and grow different brands in various industries. This explains the increase in its popularity with several startups and enterprises striving to get an extra edge through it.

Unlike the other traditional social media sites, Pinterest works by pinning and re-pinning images on the website. But with the ever-growing number of users in the network, it sometimes becomes difficult to swiftly do your normal marketing through the platform. It’s quite a busy place.

This explains the high demand for easier ways of using the platform with less hassle. In fact, Google ranks the key phrase “Pinterest hacks” as one of the most searched keywords. While hacks are not exactly the best solution to use Pinterest, I will be discussing some of the best Pinterest bots that you can start using today to boost your marketing strategy.

This will ultimately include everything that you need to know about the best bots for Pinterest. Before we dive right in, let’s first define what Pinterest bots really are.

What Are Pinterest Bots?

In simple terms, Pinterest bots refer to automated software that can actually do any Pinterest related activities on your behalf. These include things like maintaining your boards and scheduling posts for your pins in your account.

They literally will manage your Pinterest account minus supervision and in turn, help grow your Pinterest-based businesses. Other things that these bots are also good at include, sifting through users and automatically finding those with a high chance of following you and encourages them to visit your boards. How cool is that?

Pros & Cons of Using Pinterest Bots


  • Saves you a lot of time
  • Are effective at marketing your board with very little effort
  • Free Pinterest bots are very economical especially if you are a startup


  • Some are not legit and might, in turn, hurt your business
  • Some are very pricy to maintain
  • Others collect personal information with no specified data privacy policies

Best Pinterest Bots You Should Check Out Right Now!

The Somiibo Pinterest Bot

I trust that we can all agree that creating content and marketing your online-based project can be quite hectic, right? Well, while this sentiment stands to be true, the somiibo Pinterest bot seems to differ.

This bot is a fantastic automation tool whose developers highly prioritized on easing marketing tasks. You can call it a breath of fresh air if you want because it is free and super easy to use. With it, you can be sure of automatically farming a free unlimited number of followers, likes, repins, and shout outs on Pinterest.

The bot uses several modules in its functionality, but what I like most about it is that it searches around for other users with similar interests as yours to like your posts and follow you as well.


  • It’s easy to use
  • All of its premium features are free


  • It only focuses on the marketing aspect of your account

Pinterest Booster

Just like our first pick, Pinterest booster’s primary focus is to do the heavy marketing lifting on your behalf. This automated marketer combines the use of up to 9 modules to effectively operate.

Some of the automated tasks that will help you include fetching likes, repining, pinning, and posting automated comments all with the aim of saving you precious time. Now that we’ve established that Pinterest booster almost equally works like an automated Pinterest assistant, let’s now see if its pricing value is also worth getting one.

Well, there is simply no way of sugarcoating this. Pinterest booster isn’t exactly the most affordable Pinterest bot around. It has three pricing plans, which can either be paid for every three months, six months, and one year. The least you can get it for is at about 9 bucks per month that are to be paid for on yearly terms.


  • Uses multiple modules in its functionality
  • Primarily focusses on marketing


  • It is not exactly affordable to everyone

Pin Blaster

Unlike our first two picks, pin blaster has no specific focus when it comes to automating your Pinterest. However, you can easily use this cool tool to automate almost any daily Pinterest related tasks.

While this might still appear to be rather vague, especially to most beginners, you would be interested to know that pin blaster has one of the most reasonable and affordable pricing plans in the market.

Its pricing model is currently capped at $67 and is to be paid only once as it offers a one-off payment kind of a deal. Luckily, this also includes access to all of its features and updates for a lifetime.


  • Excellent for automating all of your daily Pinterest tasks
  • It’s cheaper and more affordable


  • Has no free trial period or money-back guarantee


Jarvee is one of the most popular Pinterest automation tools in the market and for a good reason. This is because; the bot helps small startups and established brands to continually grow their businesses in Pinterest by simply reaching out to your targeted audience.

One thing that you should take note of first is that Jarvee is a Windows-based bot only but can still work even on Windows simulators. When it comes to pricing, you can be quick to disregard Jarvee due to its $20 per month pricing model.

However, if you consider the boost that this bot will give your marketing strategy, they are just worth it. Be sure to use their 5-day free trial period before committing yourself to any subscriptions.


  • Has a 5 day free trial period to test their services
  • Specifically targets your content to the right audience


  • It’s Windows-based only


With a strong backing of more than 200000 real customers, the tailwind is yet another cool Pinterest bot that you can use to grow your account and business as well. Unlike the others, with this bot, you can get a regular analytics report showing how you’ve progressed.

While it’s a real game-changer, I’m still skeptic about its pricing values. Its entry-level plan comes at 10 bucks a month but the professional package costs a whopping $799 per month.


  • Offers clients with regular analytic reports
  • Has a huge customer base


  • Its professional package is way too expensive to maintain

What Should You Check In A Pinterest Bot?

With Pinterest themselves being vigilant on the use of bots in their platforms, I can only advise that you should always make a point of crosschecking the number of modules that a particular bot employs in its operation and whether it is legit or not. While these will save you more time managing your account, it will also ensure that your account is not banned.