Officially released back in 2011, Nitro Type is a free to play, nitro-fueled, typing game that simulates an actual race in real-time. Austin Butler who is also commonly known as TheCondog developed this creative game.

Unlike most programs meant to boost and teach people how to type, Nitro Type allows users to race in cars whose speed depends on their own typing speeds. It basically does not teach its users how to type but rather helps them increase their typing speeds, which are normally calculated as words per minute (WPM). It sounds like a creatively fun and competitive way to improve your typing accuracy and WPM, right?

If so, this is how Nitro Type actually works. While in the game, you have to type out different passages so that you may quickly advance through the racing track. To get further ahead of the race, you can use nitros to supercharge your speed. What this does is that it helps you skip through words quickly so that you may complete the race faster.

As an incentive, you get to accumulate game-based virtual money that you can use to buy better racing cars. This is just one of the numerous other achievements and rewards in the game.

With over a quarter a million races to complete, this addictive game is quite hard for users to quickly complete even quarter of those races. In this case, there has been a rise in demand for cheats, Nitro Type hacks, and Nitro Type bots just to have a competitive advantage over other players.

Based on this unquenched demand, I will be highlighting some of the best bots for Nitro Type. Additionally, I’ll also be giving you a round-up list of the best Nitro Type bots that you can choose from quickly.

What Are Nitro Type Bots?

Nitro Type bots are automated programs that have been designed to help you successfully complete the competitive Nitro Type bots with no hassle. These programs use special Nitro Type hack scripts to auto-play the game on your behalf while you are busy doing other daily tasks.

Pros & Cons of Using Nitro Type Bots


  • Helps you complete races quickly
  • Saves you lots of playing time so that you can focus on other attention-demanding tasks


  • Some are prone to detection and in turn, leads to account termination
  • Some open up a doorway for malware and viruses

Best Nitro Type Bots You Should Check Out Right Now!

  1. UltraType Bot

Opening our round-up list is a GitHub based Nitro Type bot Chrome extension called UltraType Bot. UltraType Bot was developed by one GitHub developer whose code name is wwwg and is in no way affiliated with Nitro Type itself.

Unlike most Nitro Type bots, UltraType Bot has a unique set of features in its functionality. These include the ability to customize your WPM and/or typing accuracy, and the ability to design your own features to it.

Its installation is quite simple, but only if you have Tampermonkey installed and working properly first. If not, you will require basic developer knowledge to install its unpacked version. However, it works fast and is quite easy to use too.


  • Fat and easy to use Nitro Type bot
  • Allows users to customize their own WPM and typing accuracy


  • Need for some basic developer knowledge to install the unpacked version
  1. Akivoz Nitro Type Bot

Akivoz Nitro Type Bot is yet another well-functioning bot that you can use to boost your level in Nitro Type. The Greasy Fork community currently maintains this bot, but its original developer goes by the code name Zaven Lei2027-23.

Akivoz Nitro Type Bot works fast and is also easy to use in Nitro Type. Since its creation back in 2018, the bot has managed to document over nine thousand installations with a record of about 54 installations on a daily basis. The only downside is that it has no licenses and therefore, does not fit in the legit category.


  • Has an outstanding track record
  • It’s fast and easy to use


  • Potentially not legit
  1. Auto Type

Auto Type is another GitHub based creation that was created by one developer referred to as Raphaelfacredyn. Apart from that, it’s also a Nitro Type bot Chrome extension, which works by automatically typing in Nitro Type.

What sets it apart from our earlier pick is that Auto Type only works with a specific range of typing speeds. Hence, you can’t customize your WPM here. On the bright side, it’s not affiliated with Nitro Type in any way and also allows users to contribute towards its updates and design. Unfortunately, it has a bad track record of getting banned in Nitro Type.


  • Works with a specific range of speed
  • Allows users to contribute towards future designs and updates


  • Prone to getting banned
  1. Nitro Type Bot

Nitro Type Bot touts itself as the first and only public bot for Nitro Type in the top gg community and bot list. That said, it’s an effective bot for Nitro Type and was created by Sapph# 3749.

A tight community of developers who claim only to use advanced stuff such as WebHooks maintains the bot currently. The bot is quite simple, self-explanatory, features an anti-ban, and has a tutorial to guide first-time users.

However, the bot is only on for short limited periods throughout the week. This is quite limiting though.


  • It’s self-explanatory and has a guide for beginners
  • Has an anti-ban feature


  • It’s only own for short spans of time throughout the week
  1. Ultimate Auto Typer

Developed and registered by Shivinder Singh Narr in 2011, the Ultimate Auto Typer currently has a weekly record of over 500 downloads. Designed and developed using C# and Visual Studio, this bot operates as an online-based bot.

Being a Windows-based bot, it features an inbuilt browser that captures passages to be typed and provides a one-click hack in Nitro Type. It also allows users to adjust their preferred typing speeds by simply scrolling.


  • You can easily adjust your preferred typing speed with scrolls
  • Features a one-click Nitro Type hack


  • Built only for Windows

What Should You Check In A Nitro Type Bot?

Given the need to quickly advance through Nitro Type and a huge range of bots to choose from, you should try as much as possible to go for the fast and easy to use bots. While this will reduce your hassle levels, also consider those that have an anti-ban feature.