Mewe touts itself as the next generation social networking platform. While there are so many variables to consider invalidating this claim, we will just leave it at that and take their word for it.

If you ask me, Mewe is a great alternative to anyone who was addicted to Google Plus. However, Mewe sets itself apart from all the other social media networks especially Facebook by having no ads or a manipulated newsfeed to it.

The twist in Mewe is that groups here are referred to as communities. You can easily join and try to convince your friends and families to join your community in Mewe.

Additionally, Mewe comes with a great set of easy to use features, which are also rather common in other social media platforms. But, the one thing that you might love about Mewe from the word go is that all users have total ownership of their content and that you are protected by Mewe’s tight privacy policy.

Phew! At least you also don’t have to worry about the exploitative data manipulation practices on Mewe. The app comes with support for up to 19 languages and is available for both desktop and mobile platforms.

Given the tight and sometimes crazy busy life that we live today, most of us honestly don’t have time to regularly update our status, chat, and just keep up with most social media. Therefore there has been a genuine increase in demand for automated tools that can help us keep our social media “life” more lively.

In this article, I will outline some of the best bots for Mewe that you can immediately sign up for to keep your Mewe profile active at all times.

What are Mewe bots?

Just like any other bot out there, Mewe bots are basically automated software tools that are often designed to help automate social media tasks. For instance, you could be swamped with lots of assignments from your workplace and have no time to update and maintain your Mewe account.

Well, in this case, you could easily sign up for one of the best Mewe bots and in turn, these will save you the time and effort by automatically executing regular Mewe activities on your behalf.

Think of it as your own Mewe personal virtual assistant.

Pros & Cons of using Mewe bots


  • Saves you a lot of time in maintaining your Mewe social profile especially when you are busy
  • Are efficient in carrying out regular automated social media activities


  • Some perform activities that are against Mewe’s terms and conditions of operation and will, therefore, lead to either temporary or permanent termination of your Mewe account.
  • Some are just too expensive to maintain

Best Mewe bots you should check out right now!

  1. FollowingLike

FollowingLike is our top best bot for Mewe. The bot has been carefully designed to effectively simulate real-life human activities to carry out basic module functions.

In other words, FollowingLike is a great bot and you can use it to execute nearly any activity or task in Mewe. Additionally, this enables it to avoid detection by the Mewe bot scans meaning that your account has the minimalist risk of being banned or detected as spam.

Price-wise, I think FollowLike’s pricing model is very reasonable and can be afforded by nearly anyone. At one time fee of $51, you will be able to have lifetime access to this amazing bot and continue to grow your Mewe account with no worries of renewing your subscription.


  • Effective at growing your Mewe account
  • No renewal fees


  • It’s bot detection features still needs work

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  1. Jarvee

One of the most comprehensive, flexible and Mewe compatible bot you will ever find out there is Jarvee. It’s also a very popular and best bot for Mewe in the market today.

On the specs front, Jarvee is a Windows-based bot and you can conveniently download it on your desktop. Just remember that you will need to have Windows 7 or any other higher versions installed in order for it to work best.

To watch your Mewe social media account’s growth literally skyrocket through the roof, you will have to sign up for any of Jarvee’s three subscription plans. The least goes for $19.99 per month and will allow you to also use it for other social media accounts.

Just to be sure, consider using their 5-day free trial period to evaluate if Jarvee is the best Mewe bot for you.


  • Offers a 5-day free trial period


  • Very expensive to maintain
  • It’s meant to run on Windows platforms alone
  1. Social10x

Social10x is an interesting socbot that functions very well in Mewe. Basically, Social10x is automated to farm for followers, comments, views, likes and many other specialized functions.

The bot is completely legit, has a rather random pricing model, and is quite affordable. To get a better quote and for exactly what you want in Mewe, be sure to engage their customer support agents.


  • It automatically farms for followers, comments, views, likes, and many more


  • Pricing model is not specific
  1. MonsterSocial

Since its inception in 2013, MonsterSocial now has over 3 thousand registered users showing that the bot is quite genuine and reliable. The bot works well in Mewe and you can easily use it to follow and/or unfollow other accounts and/or communities among other Mewe specific tasks.

It is a legit automated tool that you should consider having in managing your Mewe account. However, you should be ready to dig deep inside your pockets since its all-inclusive package goes for $99.99 but for a three-month subscription.


  • It’s completely legit and reliable


  • It’s expensive to maintain
  1. Somiibo

Due to its multi-purpose functions coupled with a free pricing plan, Somiibo is now a very popular social media bot that you can effectively use to automate your Mewe.

The bot supports and works on multiple platforms including both Apple’s and Microsoft’s operating systems. In its functioning, the bot will generally get you free followers and likes.

For maximum experience and productivity with Somiibo, I would suggest that you use its premium option.


  • Runs on multiple platforms


  • Maximum productivity is only packed in the premium version

What should you check in a Mewe bot?

Given that some bots can get your Mewe account banned, you should keenly scrutinize the legality of the bots and their terms of use before signing up and using them to automate your account. You also need to check on how they work. While doing so, always remember to counter check with Mewe’s terms and conditions as a reference guide.

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