When playing Valve’s steam platform, you will see that your profile has a numerical scale. This is often displayed at the top right corner of the page. It is encircled with a colored ring. This level is the binary representation of a player’s dedication to interacting with most of the game’s features. This includes using the trading card system and participation in seasonal events. With each event, you will earn an experience point and thus an increase in the steam profile level. You may want to consider leveling up because it increases your friend list by five times from the default 250. You will also get more steam showcase slots.

When you choose to use a level up bots, they will automatically accept friend requests for you. They also promote the trading out of the trading card in exchange for CS: GO case keys, Gems, and TF2 Keys. The bot will calculate the number of keys and card sets required for each level. The more advanced bots will also calculate the levels each gem and keys get you. Before you choose the bots you will use, it is recommended that you check the bot rate because it will determine the number of gems and keys you need for each level. Here are the best bots to help you win the game.

What Is Level Up Bots?

Level up bots are used on steam. These programs will automatically accept friend requests and enable users to trade out using trading cards in exchange for gems, CS: GO case keys and TF2 keys. You need to be careful because the bot you choose to trade with will limit the number of keys and gems you can get for each level. Once you get the case keys required for leveling up, you have to open up chats with your bot. When you type in the commands, the bot will send you a trade offer that will correspond with the number of keys you offered. If you have traded a lot of keys, accepting the trade will take some time. Once the deal is complete, you can begin crafting badges.

You need to:

  • Ensure that the keys you use are tradable. If you buy off the market, they will be untradeable for seven days
  • Ensure the bot is online
  • Always use the right keys
  • Never agree to trade off your keys with promises that the cards will be sent to you later. Accept only the trades that have the correct number of cards set inside.

Pros & Cons of Using Level Up Bots

  • These bots collect data and conversations. This ensures you always have a record of your trades
  • They learn from other bots and players in the game and therefore give you an advantage
  • They can alter the game to meet player demands
  • Most of these bots are always under development to make them more effective in gaming
  • It allows you to have more friends without having to accept yourself
  • Allows for more straightforward navigation through the games
  • You can play 24/7
  • With just one command you can have the bot do your biddings in the game


  • Some of the bots online today are not well developed
  • Some lie to players about trading and receiving their cards later
  • You need to send commands to activate the bots
  • They cannot learn any skills they are not programmed with
  • Some are expensive to purchase
  • They can misunderstand commands
  • Most bots do not level up beyond 18:1 because it is no longer profitable

Best level up bots you should check out right now!

Kalizar level up bots

This bot sells 11:1. The CSGO command will go to 10:1. This bot will make designs upon your request. It can create logos, steam artworks, twitter headers, and YouTube banners.


  • There are many commands for all levels
  • Allows you to benefit from the bots procedures
  • The bot is easy to operate


  • It will not run beyond the 14:1 level
  • The controls are too many to master

Duobot level up bot

This is the fastest and most affordable way to level up on your steam profiles. With the bot, you can quickly get to the 23:1 levels. It will also calculate for you how many sets it would take and how much the costs will reach your desired level.


  • It will follow the current craft rate by using the amount of CS: GO keys and sets
  • Allows you to understand the prevailing buying rate and information that you can sell to the bot
  • Show the number of unique badges you can buy at your current level
  • Has numerous commands to work with


  • Does not go to any higher levels because they are no longer profitable
  • Controls are not easy to master

Misc. robot mod

This mod adds more bots into the game to buy from trades. The most common is the hauling and cleaning bots, which help you haul things around and keep the game cleaner for you.


  • The perfect tool for getting rid of your misfunctioning bots
  • You can assign them to one area


  • These can only be bought and not crafted
  • You have to recall them at specific areas within the game

Boda bots

When you need to check the trades, this bot will allow you to level up and get more cards. It will help you get the best from the games and have much more fun.


  • Easy to use
  • Free to purchase
  • Allows you to level up and trade out much faster


  • It will not trade with you if your inventory is private
  • It also won’t work if the is a trade hold

Jake’s card bot

This is a bot that will help you to get more cards in the game. It allows you to enjoy more and level up faster.


  • It is an effective way to level up
  • Allows you to play faster
  • Makes it easier for you to play with groups


  • Will remove you after 90 days of inactivity
  • Limits trades

What Should You Check In A Level Up Bot?

Here are some essential features to look for:

  • Inexpensive to operate
  • Allows you to move to higher levels
  • Understands commands faster
  • Is not run by unscrupulous people
  • Easy to operate

Choosing the perfect bot to play with is not as easy as it seems. You must make sure that you know the features to look for when buying. This will ensure that you get what you need to level up. With the bots listed in this article, you are sure of success in the game.