Based on the 2009’s Killing Floor aftermath, (KF2) is an entirely engaging game that was developed, published, and released by a collaboration between Tripwire Interactive and Saber Interactive. KF2 can be described as a shooting video game with a first-person perspective and was first released for Windows in 2015, then for PlayStation 4 in 2016, and later for Xbox in 2017.

Being an interactive game, KF2 uses Unreal Engine 3 and allows players to either play by themselves or in teams of six players. The concept of the game can largely be described as a world rescue mission from rogue military clones who have hijacked and paralyzed the society.

During gameplay, players should get ready to start killing enemy characters called zeds in different waves (levels). Each mission becomes more complex as players complete each wave and eventually culminates to a boss fight in the final round.

As the game continues, you will get to collect in-game experience points and currency by killing as many zeds as possible. While it’s a battle in there, your in-game life is also at risk of being depleted, but you can boost this with a health syringe from your medical pack.

However, when it finally hits zero, this would spell game over for your solo mission. But in cooperative playing, this would end only if all of your teammates die prior to finishing a particular wave. Interestingly, at an advanced level in the game, you can use your medi-pack to heal other players in your team. Awesome, right?

You can also get bonuses for surviving through different waves. The in-game currency is very crucial when it comes to customizing your characters. You can easily use this for trading purposes that will let you market different perks and be better equipped for the coming waves. Just watch out for the weight limit that your avatar can carry.

As of 2016, KF2’s developers updated a patch that is capable of determining any particular wave’s sophistication by comparing proficiency levels of any given player. This patch is reportedly making it very hard for players to advance in the game as fast as they would love to.

That said, this has been a hot topic in KF2-based forums online with players discussing the usage of different Killing Floor 2 cheats and KF2 hacks. This has further led to an unavoidable rise in demand for KF2 bots both online and offline.

As a result, I’m writing this article with the sole purpose of discussing everything you might need to know about the best bots for KF2 and later compile a tight list of some best KF2 bots that you can get started with immediately. So read on to find out more.

What Are Killing Floor 2 Bots?

Killing Floor 2 bots refers to automated computing tools that can be used to play Killing Floor 2 on their own and farm for additional experience points and in-game currency. These tools are simply software that uses a special line of codes that makes them capable of manipulating KF2.

Pros & Cons Of Using Killing Floor 2 Bots


  • Saves you the long hours that you would have been used playing KF2 manually
  • Helps users advance fast in KF2
  • Effectively fights and kills indomitable bosses


  • Botting 24/7 can lead to termination of your KF2 gaming profile
  • Moral-wise, botting is unfair to non-botting players

Best KF2 Bots You Should Check Out Right Now!

KF2 Drop Farm Bot

Starting us off is a GitHub-based bot that was developed by one user named Joshuaptfan. This particular bot uses a combination of VBScript and game console to automate the collection of items and events at different item drop locations.

However, the KF2 drop farm bot will need you to specifically set your preferred time for item collection. This should always be after an idle time of 30 minutes on your computer. On the downside, its virtual desktop version only works on Windows 10.


  • Effective at item drop collection in KF2
  • One can set their preferred collection time span


  • Its virtual desktop version only works on Windows 10

KF-SomeTestMap Launching Bot

Similar to our first pick, the KF-SomeTestMap uses VBScript in its functionality but for a much different purpose. It specifically helps users to test out any given weapon on any enemy, depending on the different modes you could be playing, in a neutral yet much safer environment.

The one thing I don’t like with this bot is that it doesn’t far for any experience point even though every test can be accomplished with a single click of a button. Before you get started with it, you should know that you would be first required to subscribe to the Steam workshop item that can be found under the Steam Community online.


  • It’s free to use
  • Offers one-click weapon tests in KF2


  • Doesn’t farm for XP

The Auto-Kick Bot

Readily available on the Noobient website, this Auto-Kick bot comes in third and with an interesting twist. So let’s get to it then.

With the introduction of that intelligent patch I had earlier highlighted, there is no doubt that KF2 is becoming harder and harder by the day. That said, you must have noticed how hard it also is to get into a team with most KF2 veterans who have genuinely impeccable gaming skills.

Well, if you are such a veteran and you are tired of low skilled players spoiling your gaming mojo on higher waves, then this is the bot for you. With it, you can automatically kick out or ban such players from your team even before they think about joining your team.


  • Kicks out low-level proficiency players
  • Helps you select a solid team of equal strength


  • Only works on Linux-based servers

Marco’s KF2 Bot

This mutator type of bot has been on demand throughout the internet. Despite not being regularly updated, Marco’s KF2 bot is quite effective at using the right gun and ammo at any given stage plus that they never miss when it comes to shooting enemies.

The bot still needs serious patching as it currently has many bugs and seems to lag sometimes-causing bosses to respawn.


  • Never misses enemies
  • Uses the right equipment at the right time


  • Needs updating

KF2 Aimbot

Developed and maintained by Hackerbot developers, the KF2 aimbot is what every player needs when it comes to shooting these annoying zed clone enemies in KF2. Just like its name states, with this bot you can be sure of scoring as numerous headshot counts as you would wish.

Since this can be translated as more in-game money for you, this also means that you can upgrade and advance through the waves very fast. The only issue is that the current version is for educational use only.


  • Helps users finish more waves quickly
  • Never misses during shootouts


  • The current version is for educational purposes only

What Should You Check In A KF2 Bot?

To wind up, my best choice is Marco’s KF2 bot. My reason is that it enables my avatar to intelligently use the right ammo at different case scenarios and also doubles up as an auto aimbot. One last thing though, while looking for your most preferred bot, be sure to go for one that provides you with lots of game commands and also farms for experience points. That way, both you and your team will not be disappointed.