Kahoot is an app that is designed to help students learn and find new materials to educate themselves using quizzes and games. It is an app designed for learners above four years old. Parents and teachers love this app because it is free to download and play. It is also available on android and iOS devices. It is considered an effective and excellent tool that is enriching and allows proper coverage of the subject areas.

It is a two-fold app that gives users the chance to create and compete on the platform. Teachers can, therefore, create quizzes and games on the app. They can also play extensively on the library of games available on Kahoot. These games may also be played and added on as students continue to develop in various subjects. There is also the opportunity to create and add videos and images to the game. There is also a platform for creating homework for learners so they can complete their school work anywhere with an internet connection.

A Kahoot bot, on the other hand, is a tool created to spam the app. These bots are often sent to the game in large numbers 300 to 1000 bots at a time. These spammers work by sending unlimited numbers of bots into the game and therefore causing the app to crash in a matter of minutes.  In the recent past, Kahoot has been sending refresh patches into games. You, therefore, need to find a bot that can work without shutting down during these updates. Below we discuss the best bot for the Kahoot game.

What Are Kahoot Bots?

Whenever you have a quiz on the Kahoot app, you win by answering correctly as many questions as possible. If you are unable to do this but still need to have good grades, you may want to consider downloading Kahoot bots. These bots work by either crashing the game or correctly answering all the questions faster than anyone else. It is the easiest and most convenient way for you to be first on the game.

Some bots will send several other bots into the game to overload it, make it hang and crash. Some will send the right answers into the game using your profile so that you end up getting the best grades without having to strain your brain. These only work when the teacher is only using the tests and quizzes programmed into the app. If they are using their unique tests, videos, and images, you will have to use the spamming bots to cause problems within the game.

How They Work:

  • Once you have downloaded the gaming app and the bots, all you need to do is enter the game pin on the Kahoot flood option on the bots.
  • Then, you will have to create the bot’s profile name. Remember to make it something normal so that it is not clear to other players that it is a spammer bot.
  • Choose the number of bots that you need to send into the game.
  • Finally, select the submit button and keep the page open until the game is over.

Pros and Cons of Using Kahoot Bots


  • It is effortless to set up compared to other gaming bots used today
  • The bot library is vast, and there are numerous options to choose from
  • Provides answers in a simple manner
  • Allows you to get the right answers to tests and homework
  • You can use the bots on your mobile phone or your computer
  • Most bots are free to download and use


  • The updated patches may cause the bots to close prematurely leaving you stranded mid-gaming
  • If you do not send more than 1000 bots, the game will not crash

Best Kahoot Bots You Should Check Out Right Now

The most popular Kahoot bots include:

Omegaboot Kahoot Bot

This is a Kahoot bot made by @idiik. It is an open hub bot on Github. This bot adds hundreds and sometimes thousands of other bots into the game so it can spam the game and look for the correct answers to the questions. This way, at the end, you score higher. This bot will gnaw through the heaps of trash on the internet and find the best answers. You also have the option of making the bots answer correctly or not. It all depends on what you want. You also have the option of crashing the game altogether. Having been created more than a year ago, it is continually changing to ensure that players will always rely on it even as the coding on Kahoot changes.


  • They recently added better UI and mobile support features
  • Allows you to answer correctly and win
  • You can also spam the game and cause it to crash
  • Absolutely free to use


  • Does not have any VIP features
  • Is not always as responsive as you want it to be

Kahoot Smasher

This is a free tool that allows you to hack the Kahoot game with an army of bots. It easily passes the security systems and keeps the bots numbers natural so that even the educators will not know there are bots in the game. You also have the freedom to make your bots, so it is even more difficult for teachers to guess which players are bots. With this tool, winning the game is not as important as having fun using the bots.


  • Easy to use
  • Free
  • Allows you to have fun
  • You can easily crash the game


  • If you do not release enough bots, it will not work as expected
  • Naming the bots will take time

Kahoot Ninja Hack

Once you enter the pin for the game, this app will do the rest of the work. The servers will undetectably release bots into the game and cause it to crash without requiring much effort from you.


  • Easy to use
  • Undetectable
  • Requires little to no effort from you to work


  • Does not have any VIP features
  • May not release enough bots

Kahoot Spam Tool

This is the go-to tool when you want to spam any Kahoot game. It is a free tool that allows you to hack into the Kahoot game. Additionally, you will also get some valuable Kahoot cheats.


  • Free to use
  • Easy to get gaming cheats
  • Simple and easy to use


  • Does not have any special features
  • The bots are easy to detect

Kahoot Flooder

Created by an independent developer by the name Grayson Martin, the Kahoot Flooder is a 17-kilobyte Chrome browser extension Kahoot bot. Unlike other Kahoot flooding online platforms, the Kahoot Flooder embeds itself on your computer, explores through the Kahoot website, and eventually floods it by adding more players.

All you have to do is to specify how many “players” you would want in the game and the Kahoot flooder will open the specific number of tabs and automatically sign them up. The only problem is just that its current update was done before mid-2019.


  • It’s easy to use
  • It requires very little space


  • Has no recent update


One key attribute that is always critical whenever choosing any kind of bot is how effective it is at executing commands. Well, this is the prime foundation of Repl.it – another amazing Kahoot bot.

I have been using this for a while now and would like to assure you that it is credible. Repl.it generally is an online platform with console windows where users can easily input their own codes for automating Kahoot.

Just so you know, the platform currently supports Python programming language only. If you are a non-techie, I would recommend that you explore other options.


  • Easy to use layout for coding
  • Executes commands well


  • Not for non-techies

Kahoot Crashing Bot

With a working license, Cymug’s GitHub-based Kahoot crashing bot is one of the legit bots that you could just be looking for. In a typical sense, this bot is a Reddit bot that is meant to process submissions immediately as they are posted and to automatically crash Kahoot.

While processing submissions, this bot intelligently sifts Kahoot log in credentials that are later used to automate the simultaneous crashing procedure. To use it, you are required to have Python 3 PRAW meaning that this might not work well for you if you have no coding skills.


  • Can easily be accessed at GitHub
  • Has a working license


  • Requires coding knowledge

Kahoot Discord Bot

Managing a gaming server especially if the game has a multiplayer function can be a very daunting and dull process. However, automation tools such as the Kahoot discord bot are meant to help you do this in a very relaxed, fun, and efficient way as possible.

What this bot actually does is that it is capable of allowing users to instantly join a live Kahoot game, publish your own Kahoot questions in your server, and manage the score leaderboards during gameplay. Despite being maintained by one person, this bot has managed to reach 100 servers at the time of writing this.


  • Users can easily manage the score leaderboard
  • Allows users to publish their own Kahoot questions


  • Maintained by one person instead of a team

The Kbot

Closing our quick list of best Kahoot bots that you can check out is my all-time favorite, the Kbot. Who knows it could easily be yours too but first let’s see what they have to offer.

Well, the Kbot offers pretty much everything you would be looking for in a Kahoot bot. It is basically a multipurpose bot for Kahoot but my best function is that it can correctly answer questions automatically.

Kbot simply pretends to be a Kahoot client and therefore receives questions from the host then looks for the right answer before submitting. The only instances where Kbot might not work well include when Kahoot is in private mode and/or when either answers or questions are randomized in the game


  • Automatically answers Kahoot questions correctly
  • Readily available for anyone through GitHub


  • Doesn’t work well when Kahoot is in private mode

What Should You Check In A Kahoot Bot?

There are a few crucial features that you must consider when choosing the best Kahoot bot. The most vital feature should be its ability to survive the newer security features added by the Kahoot developers. This will ensure that you have fun winning at quizzes and spamming the app. You also need an app that is easy to use. The last thing you want is for the bots to be too difficult to launch.

It needs to have the Kahoot bot unblocked in seconds and bots in Kahoot faster. The Kahoot game can be fun and educational to play when you have the best Kahoot bots at work. This way, you can win the tests and have fun watching other players and teachers confused at how difficult the game is.