Released back in 2017, IW4x is a very innovative upgrade to the initial aIW/4D1 by NT Authority. This modern-day warfare combat game is hosted in a hub-like network of numerous nodes located all over the world.

Unlike the previous version which was purely a copy-paste, the game now offers stable playing experience to its users while protecting them from malicious DDoS attacks with its p2p architecture.

Well, if you were not aware, the first version was purely made from an exact copy of leaked gaming codes. However, this has been rectified and all of its source code has been utterly rewritten and is completely original. This means that IW4x is no longer a copy-and-paste.

While this is good news to its global fan base, it has also been received as a curse in disguise by most of them. The reason being that none of the previously working IW4x hack, IW4x bots, and IW4x bot command is no longer supported.

With such a strong anti-cheating system in place coupled with the incompatibility of all previous hacks, most players literally have no option but to play manually. Therefore, it’s quite hard to level up in the game quickly. To do so you would need to have lots of keenness, patience, and playing time. Something most of us simply don’t have in plenty.

That said and actually having you reading this, assures me that you are truly searching for better and safer means of quickly advancing your way up in IW4x. Well, you are in the right place, as I will be discussing everything you need to know about the best IW4x bots.

Shortly after, I will present you with an outlined list of some of the best bots for IW4x. Lastly, I will quickly summarize with how to add bots in IW4x

What Are IW4x Bots?

Before we get to the most serious stuff, let’s define some of these terminologies for the most basic readers first. IW4x bots can be defined as software or programs that have been designed to effectively learn human behavior, especially how you play IW4x, and do the same automatically as if it were you playing. Most of these innovative programs use special scripts (line of code) in their functionality while others use AI for them to perform various tasks.

Pros & Cons of Using IW4x Bots

Since curiosity killed the cat, it’s always a good idea to countercheck the advantages and disadvantages of any technical tool rather than being blinded by our curiosity, right? Here are some general pros and cons of using IW4x bots:


  • Will save you most of the playing time especially through the boring and repetitive parts
  • They all will help you advance quickly through the different levels in the game
  • Most will give you access to the most premium upgrades in the game


  • Some disable your computer’s security and makes it vulnerable to malware and viruses
  • Some might expose your most critical personal information to strangers

Best IW4x Bots You Should Check Out Right Now!

Now that we have already taken care of the most critical yet basic information, that, any IW4x bot fanatic should know about, as promised here is a quick round-up list of some of the best bots for IW4x:

The B3- Plugin-Discord

Created and maintained by a GitHub-based developer referred to as Miltann, the b3-plugin-discord uses discord webhooks, which enables it to manipulate IW4dx to your preference. One thing to remember is to restart your in-game map after installing the plugin.

It is python based and has no Windows standalone setup but at least it is open-source and free to use by all. Currently, there are no enough details about it but there are speculations that it might not be legit. Therefore, you can use it at your own risk.


  • It is an open-source bot and free to use by all
  • Can easily be accessed through GitHub


  • It is potentially not legit and has no Windows standalone setup

The Big-Brother-Bot

The big-brother-bot is yet another GitHub-based bot that also works in IW4x. It was developed by the big brother bot development forum but is has been reported not to have any current active maintenance. This means that it is regularly not being updated.

However, this bot basically automates server administration processes and its previous version also included an RCon packaging tool that perfectly works in IW4x. Despite not having any working license, the bot also includes a completely automated warning system that detects and bars offensive players.


  • Automates server administration tasks
  • Has an automated warning system in place


  • It’s no longer being updated

Bot Warfare

To most of you, the name of this bot must probably have given you one of those aha moments. It has been listed as the most searched bot for IW4x by various search engines but it is still not readily available nor accessible to most players.

Luckily, there are many YouTube videos that you explain how to add this bot in IW4x. It has been claimed that even a fortnight player can easily understand the tutorials and handle its installation and usage by themselves.


  • Has lots of tutorials
  • Can easily be handled even by a fortnight player


  • Not readily available nor accessible

The IW4x Discord Bot

The IW4x discord bot can easily be found in GitHub under the profile of Eztso who also happens to be its developer. The bot simply works by managing various dedicated in-game servers on IW4x.

After its installation, the bot lets users see details about the game, allowing them to use it as they please. This is particularly crucial when it comes to adding other bots and/or hacks in IW4x.


  • Easily available from the GitHub platform
  • Allows users to add other bots and hacks to the game


  • Does not particularly automate IW4x

Delta Bot

Delta Bot is not just your normal IW4x bot. Generally, the bot is a server administration bot with an RCon function for combat games such as IW4x.

In order for the bot to run efficiently, one has to use the latest Node.js and also allow it to write itself in their servers before manipulating its settings as you might please. Newbies especially those with zero technical knowledge, might find it a little daunting to set it up.


  • Allows users to write their own plugins
  • It’s a server administration bot with an RCon function for IW4x


  • Requires some entry-level knowledge to set it up

What Should You Check In An IW4x Bot?

To sum it all up, I suggest that you only go for IW4x bots that will let you configure the server and allow you to introduce your own hacks into the game. This will give you a rather personal feel while playing. Word of advice though, observe that you don’t bot 24/7.