The internet bots were first introduced in the mid 20th century, and since then, they have continued to simplify our everyday life. Today, bots are used in different use cases including on social media. A good example is Instagram bots. Since introduction, Instagram bots have increased by leaps and bounds, over the past few years. In this article, we feature the best Instagram bots 2019. Before I unveil the best Instagram bots for followers and likes, I shall explain what an Instagram bot is and how Instagram bots work. Lets rock and roll!

What are Instagram bots?

Instagram bots are services that enable businesses and individuals to acquire more likes, comments, and followers on their Instagram accounts. You know how important it is for a business or an influencer for that matter, to have a high number of followers on their profile. However, you will agree that without the right strategy, accumulating a high number of Instagram followers will take time.

Using Instagram bots, users of Instagram can achieve more followers, likes or comments at a significantly less amount of time. Therefore, Instagram bots help Instagram users to save time and money. So, how do the Instagram bots work?

How Instagram bots work?

Think of an Instagram bot as an Instagram marketing assistant. Your marketing assistant will actively find new followers and unfollow those who unfollow you, ensuring that you have a relevant audience. For a business to succeed using Instagram marketing, they need to consistently find new customers and target those interested in their products. Although this might seem simple at the start, it is painstaking after some time. Therefore, finding the best bots for Instagram becomes an important strategy for a business. The Instagram bot will like, comment and follow the relevant audience.

A number of pros & cons come with using the best Instagram bots.

Here are some of the advantages of using Instagram bots:

  • Helps businesses and individuals to save time, hence focusing on things that matter most.
  • Bots deliver quick results and are more efficient compared to manual targeting and promoting.
  • Ensures consistent Instagram presence, hence more visibility for the user of Instagram bots.
  • Using the bots for Instagram, one can gain more audience that is relevant.
  • Best bots for Instagram come with statistics and monitoring capabilities.

The disadvantages of using Instagram bots include:

  • The Instagram bots might not post correct comments.
  • Using Instagram bots can lead to violation of Instagram set rules regarding the number of follows, unfollow, likes and comments resulting in a ban by the admin.

The best Instagram bots you should check out right now

Now that we have covered the basics on Instagram bots, how the Instagram bot works and the advantages/disadvantages, let us look at some of the best bots available in the market.

1. Instazood

Instazood is one of the best bots for Instagram. Being a respected Instagram bot, Instazood was designed to help Instagram users boost Instagram followers, comments and allow viewing of stories. Instazood works simply using the campaigns you have set on Instagram, to find followers leave comments and likes on their posts. In addition, Instazood can view the Instagram stories of other Instagram users attracting their attention to your profile.

To get a feel of Instazood, you can enjoy the three days free trial, and upgrade to a paid account. There are different packages that are priced differently and each offers the user different pricing. These packages include:

      ☆ Instagram bot @ $9.99 per month

      ☆ Comment tracker @ $9.99 per month

      ☆ Direct messaging @ $14.99 per month

      ☆ Post manager @ $9.99 per month

      ☆ Instagram likes and video views.

Pros of Instazood are:

  • Faster and efficient
  • Flexible pricing
  • Get more followers

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2. Follow Adder

Follow Adder, which is a legit Instagram automation tool, is known to deliver follower boosting in a fast and efficient manner. To get started, simply download the app and install it on your device. After the app is installed, set up the account and choose the subscription type that meets your requirements. The app offers different capabilities making one of the best Instagram bots for followers. The pricing is subscription-based, and billed per month or semiannually. Choose either of the below packages and enjoy 6 months access.

      ☆ Starter @ $49.99

      ☆ Premium @ $75.00

      ☆ Professional @ $115.00

      ☆ Agent @ $188.00

      ☆ Publicist @ $425.00

The advantages of Follow Adder include:

  • Simplified installation and setup
  • Customizable
  • Come with a free trial

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3. Stellation media

This is a fully managed Instagram growth service, founded by creative individuals, who are digital storytellers. Built on a foundation of innovation and teamwork, the Instagram bot allows Instagram users to boost visibility on Instagram through increased followers and likes.

      ☆ The monthly subscription pricing ranges from $50 to $99.

The advantages of using Stellation media for your Instagram strategy include:

  • Gives a faster follower boost
  • Cheaper
  • Achieve organic growth

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4. FanBump

For fast and safe organic Instagram growth, check out FanBump which is one of the best Instagram automation tools of 2019. The Instagram automation tool promises not to get your Instagram account locked because of the violation of Instagram rules. FanBump is the best Instagram bot that will build you a custom organic strategy delivering boost on visibility. In the end, the platform allows users, effortless real gain, and follower engagement.

FanBump uses targeted engagement to attract an organic following and boost engagement rate for their users. To get started, simply signup for the FanBump account, create the profile and choose a pricing plan that works for your strategy. The plans are:

      ☆ Professional growth @ $99/month

      ☆ Extreme growth @ $1500/ month

The advantages of using FanBump include:

  • Fastest follower growth
  • No spam followers
  • Targeted following

5. Ingramer

If you are searching for more effective Instagram Bot, check out Ingramer. To get started, it will take you less than seven minutes to signup. After signup, connect to your Instagram account and set up a new campaign. Choose the appropriate package from the three different options that include:

      ☆ Two weeks @ $43 per account

      ☆ One month @ $67 per account

      ☆ Three months @ $167 per account

The advantages of this Instagram bot are:

  • Advanced filters
  • Comes with extended capabilities
  • Detailed statistics

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6. Jarvee

The Instagram follower booster will grow your accounts providing you real and relevant followers. It also allows post scheduling, hashtag researching and the ability to manage direct messaging. This top-rated Instagram bot also allows auto reposting and auto-follow capabilities. You can get started by choosing the appropriate package plan and signing up. The pricing options include:

      ☆ The starter package for only 10 accounts @ 29.95 per month

      ☆ Regular package for up to 30 social accounts @ 49.95 per month

      ☆ Professional package for up to 70 accounts @ 69.95 per month

The advantages of using this best Instagram bot for followers include:

  • Flexible pricing
  • Targets a real audience
  • Fast and easy follower boost

7. Kicksta

This Instagram growth service was launched to help businesses and influencers the ability to grow on Instagram. The Instagram growth app works by providing users a tool that connects them with the real followers. To get started, simply signup for the service and add a list of Instagram accounts with followers you are targeting. The app automatically likes their posts creating curiosity on your profile.

The pricing is a plan based on the following plans available:

      ☆ Creative @ $49 per month

      ☆ Professional @ $99 per month

The advantages of this Instagram follower booster include:

  • Gets you real followers
  • Fast and efficient
  • Less expensive

8. Social Sensei

Committed to attracting more followers, the app allows Instagram users to attract new followers based on different targeting methods. The app automates the ability to connect with a wider audience by targeting, creating a community of fans on Instagram. The pricing is subscription-based and includes a five days free trial. The pricing per package is as follows:

      ☆ Basic plan @ $49 per month

      ☆ Influencer @ $99 per month

      ☆ Business @ $199 per month

The benefits include:

  • A flexible pricing plan
  • Fast and efficient
  • Delivers quantity and quality

9. Firestrike

To experience an Instagram follower boost, check out Firestrike an app that allows you to easily increase your following. Through ensuring loyalty, the app helps users to get more following on Instagram. The app fits into any budget providing users great flexibility. To use Firestrike, you will need to upload your content and reply to comments as well as messages. The pricing is relatively affordable:

      ☆ One-week access @ $15

      ☆ Monthly access @ $39

      ☆ Supercharged plan @ $99

The advantages of using this service include:

  • It is affordable
  • Simple to signup
  • Fast and efficient

10. Boostgram

If you are looking for a fast and efficient way to buy Instagram followers, Boostgram gives you a super easy approach. To experience the power of this powerful Instagram bot for likes and follows, simply signup for the service. Then, connect the Instagram account to your Boostgram account to be allowed to see the dashboard. Enter your preferences, save and get started.

The pricing is relatively affordable, giving you access to services at an average pricing of $99 per month.

What to check for when getting the Instagram bot

To make sure you are getting value for money, ensure the Instagram bot you are signing up for meets the following qualities:

  • Has a positive review from past users – Take a look at users’ comments available online to ascertain that the app will deliver to your expectations. Negative reviews show that the app is not promising.
  • Effective and safe: An effective Instagram bot will help you achieve results in a fast and efficient manner. In addition, you have to check out for owners assurance that they will not lead to Instagram banning your account
  • Value for money: you want to get a deal that is not only pocket-friendly but gives you the expected results. Therefore, compare different Instagram bots and the amount each charge.

Are Instagram bots legit?

Instagram bots are automation tools and will do what they are programmed to do. Using an Instagram bot can result in an Instagram ban. There are those Instagram bots that use Instagram API without permission and so are not legit. However, legit Instagram bots have the authorization to use the Instagram API. Using illegal Instagram bots can result in unpleasant occurrences like a ban on your account. This is because of a violation of the Instagram rules and limitations.

Based on our discussion, we can conclude that Instagram bots deliver fast results and they are effective. However, it is important you ensure that you are signing up for a legit service. In addition, verify that the Instagram bot delivers value for money.