With over 5 million customer reviews recorded in Google play store and millions of active players from over 122 countries, Hay Day is one of the games that you don’t want to miss out on.

Hay Day is a mobile device game that can also be played from a tablet. It basically simulates real-life farm enterprise management and has age restrictions of 13 years.

Just like in Farmville, Hay Day allows you to own a farm, grow crops, and rear animals. As time goes by, you can start your own farm business by selling products from both plants and animals.

The game is completely free to download and install into your device but for a premium experience, you might have to use your own money. This includes special packages such as unlocking your own town and more.

In the more advanced features, that is if you get quickly get to level 29, you will get the neighborhood chat feature. With this, you can converse with other players online through an engaging feature.

The only filter I found useful in this feature is the basic language filter but you should be careful with the information you share online. Luckily, if you don’t need this feature, you can easily disable it in the settings.

Hay Day is a good game to help you take on farming virtually. However, a lot of things take a long time to mature.

For instance, imagine plants taking at least 24 hours to fully mature. That said, this is a major setback and might prevent you from reaching the more advanced levels fast.

To save you time and money, most users are always on the lookout for Hay Day bots. Lucky for you, I will be discussing some of the best bots for Hay Day later on in this article.

What are Hay day bots?

I understand that many beginners reading this might be wondering what Hay Day bots are. Well, these simply are cool apps that have been created and designed specifically to give you an upper hand in Hay Day.

What I mean is that they have been automated to play on your behalf to farm out more coins and saves you more time to do other tasks. How cool is that?

Pros & Cons of using Hay day bots


  • You will be able to get to advanced levels fast
  • They will earn you more coins with little effort
  • Hay Day bots save you more time to proceed with your daily work life


  • Some are a doorway for destructive malware
  • Some are only available in one language
  • Some of the best Hay Day bots are pretty hard to come by

Best Hay day bots you should check out right now!

  1. Haybot by Mercobot

Toping our round-up list is the haybot created by Mercobot. On basic terms, it is a built on-demand kind of bot where the makers specifically tune the bot as per the users’ requests.

This means that the bot is regularly updated and therefore stays far ahead of the Hay Day game updates. This ensures continued support as far as automation is concerned even when more and more complex updates are added to the game.

For the bot to work correctly, you will have to get things straight right from the top. To begin with, you will have to setup ankulua and ensure that it is working well, change the language settings to English, and finally run the Haybot.

To have a feel of what they have to offer, you take their RC version for a test drive by joining their discord link.


  • It’s a built-on-demand bot


  • Involves a lot of other platforms durng setup
  1. Hay Day Bot

Apparently created and maintained by the HD Tony Forum, this bot will automate and help you play Hay Day all year long. The bot comes in two forms, a version for PC and another that is cloud-based.

Like many other bots, the one for PC can easily be downloaded and installed in your device while the cloud-based one is run from remote servers and you will need technical help to install.

While there are lots of automation tasks that these two differ on, you can easily use both for auto tom, auto farming, auto-cropping, and auto food production in Hay Day. Additionally, they also differ in pricing.

The cheapest PC bot will cost you $6 for one farm and the one for cloud bot goes for $26 for one farm too. These payment terms are on a monthly basis.

Before buying and installing any of these, you should check out the tutorial then test the bot out first. If they meet your needs, you can proceed to buy right after which you will need to send a screenshot of the payment details plus your Hay Day farm account login details.

These are crucial to the developers in helping you install the bot in the Redfinger app that you can finally download and install in your device.


  • Offers a free trial period


  • Does not run on its own
  • The cloud-based one is very expensive and complicated for the non advanced users
  1. 4Pda’s Hay Day Bot

From intense research and analysis of what actual real user reviews online, 4Pda’s Hay Day Bot is one of the top free Hay Day bots around. However, it comes with a twist.

This Russian bot was officially released in the 4Pda forum that is available online in Russian only. To answer your question, yes, you can use Google Chrome to translate some parts of the website.

While searching for it, beware of the numerous scam sites online that are trying to sell this bot.

Given its language barrier, you can also predict that its setup can be a little bit tricky. If you really want to use this bot, you should then consider getting a Russian speaking technical knowing friend to help you out though.


  • One of the best free Hay Day bots around


  • Uses Russian language only
  1. Lucifer Bot

According to many reports about this bot, you can quickly realize how many users label this as a literal Hay Day devil. Just like its name, Lucifer bot is quite devious in its functionality.

With it, you can easily grab and steal other players’ tools while they trade in their neighborhoods. While I don’t condone cheating and most especially stealing other players’ tools, I’m particularly impressed by how this bot has effectively managed to avoid Hay Day’s strict bot censorship.


  • Quite effective at evading Hay Day bot censorship


  • Supports cheating and stealing tools from other players
  1. GameGuardian

GameGurdian is a special automation tool for gaming for devices running android and android simulator platforms. It basically hacks and helps you modify your amount of money/gold, tools, lives, and energy levels in any game.

This app comes with a speed hack that fastens your gaming period and allows users to level up very fast. Using a special script for Hay Day you can easily use it to your advantage. However, due to Hay Day’s stringent bot rules and ban protocols, GameGuardian is prone to detection. To avoid this, you should try and use a much previous version of the app.


  • Speedhack helps users to level up pretty quick


  • Prone to detection and ban by Hay Days bot censorship

What should you check in a Hay day bot?

To ensure a leveled playing ground for all its players, Hay Day has recently cracked the whip and is currently having a serious bot ban policy. To evade this tight censorship and still have an upper hand in the game, be sure to look for legal bots whose operational policy doesn’t infringe Hay Day’s terms and conditions.