Grepolis is a free-to-play browser-based game that you can start playing right now online. It is an engaging game as it entails strategies for battles and war.

The aim of the game is to strive and become the most powerful leader in Greece. Right from start, you will be required to transform and grow a small Greek town called Polis into a thriving city.

To do so, you will have to create and command powerful armies and navies that you can use to successfully invade and conquer new territories. As if that’s not enough, you will have to seek special favor from the Greek gods of ancient times such as Athena and Zeus.

That is you really want to survive in the game.

With over 6million-registered players all over the world and the fact that you can still be attacked while you are offline sleeping constantly puts your Polis at risk of attack at any given time. To counter this, most players opt to form alliances with their friends while others simply use their hard-earned money to buy more gold to finance their game resources.

That said, it’s only fair to state that there is a rise in demand for other alternative ways for guaranteed survival in Grepolis. This explains the increase in the use of bots in the game today.

In this article, I will be discussing basic yet very crucial nitty-gritty about these Grepolis bots and also highlight some of the best Grepolis bots that you can easily get for your game.

What are Grepolis bots?

As mentioned earlier, Grepolis bots are a simple yet effective alternative way of ensuring that your Polis survives attacks even when you are away fulfilling your other chores and responsibilities. Since we cannot all be playing all day and all night, Grepolis bots have just been designed to take over and play on your behalf even while you sleep. With the best Grepolis bot, you are bound to conquer more territories, exponentially increase your game resources, and most importantly defend your territories from attack at all times.

Pros & Cons of Using Grepolis Bots


  • Helps secure your game resources from attacks when you are offline
  • Helps cut off through the boring repetitive battles


  • Takes the fun out of the game
  • Some are way too costly

Best Grepolis Bot You Should Check Out Right Now!

  1. Grepolis Bot

Topping our round-up list of the best Grepolis bots is the free Grepolis bot, which is also known as Grepobot or Grepolis auto bot. This is one great bot that you should totally be on the lookout for.

That is if you are constantly looking for innovative ways of increasing your online game resources without using your hard-earned money. All you will have to do is to first install a user script manager and follow all the visual prompts in their installation guide video.

  1. Grepolis Automation (AutoGrepolis)

Coming in hot at a close second is the Grepolis automation or better yet AutoGrepolis, which was created by one developer who goes by the code name Dummbroesel. As its name suggests, the bot works by automating the game and enables you to automatically raid and claim new territories in Grepolis.

This can only be achieved by using hotkeys. Unfortunately, you will need to have the premium Captain status for you to enjoy the maximum experience.

  1. The CrigL Grepolis Bot

Another interesting choice is the Crigl Grepolis Bot, which basically automates farming in Grepolis. The bot is not free and you can easily sign up for it for a minimum of 5 bucks every month. Other subscription terms include semiannually and yearly options.

For you to use it, you will need to first install TamperMonkey plugin on your Chrome or Firefox browser then apply the serial key to use with the script that you will be given right after paying up.

  1. Grepolis Auto Farming, Building, and Attacking Bot

Owned and created by vBulletin, which is the business name for MH Sub I, LLC, this bot features unlimited building and army queues, auto farming, and multiple languages.

Some of the very basic requirements that you will need to have in your system include the .Net Framework (version 4 and above), and the Internet Explorer (IE) 9. If you are a non-techie, just use the provided quick start guide and you will be all set to go.

  1. AutoFarm

Just like the many other gaming automation software that has been created by MeatScripts Company since 2010, Autofarm is also a legit bot that you can use to cater to all of your Grepolis game needs.

The bot recommends one to have a premium game function first such as Captain and features up to 10 automated modules. Luckily, the bot is regularly updated and thoroughly tested to ensure users’ safety.

What Should You Check in a Grepolis Bot?

In summary, we can now all agree that Grepolis bots are an equivalent of great favor from the ancient Greek gods of battle. In as much as they are automated, you should always remember to check through their terms and conditions for legality and data privacy purposes