is yet another interesting, easy-to-play, and fun .io game that is taking the internet by a storm. In the game, players have to feed on smaller elements including other players’ characters, so as to increase in body mass while avoiding the bigger ones.

If you are completely new to the .io gaming platform, has an easy to follow beginners manual that will help you quickly get acquainted on matters how to play the game. For other kinds of support, any player is welcomed to join their online wiki-like community, which also includes a forum where different players help each other out.

Back to our game now, was developed and published by TheEpTic and XNite developers. The game’s first version was then released in 2016 allowing users to access it through their web browsers.

During gameplay, players have to move around and explore the in-game map while collecting randomly colored cell-like elements for feeding purposes. Just remember to stay clear of bigger game characters than your own, or it will be game over for you. At least for that round.

Since too much mass makes your cell’s movement slower, you can easily dispel some of the items that you have already collected by pressing W on your keyboard. You can do this to gain some boost and later feed on the dispelled items.

On the other hand, you can use the space bar to split your in-game character into numerous smaller cells so as to increase your efficiency in collecting other cells from a wide area.

While is a multiplayer type of game, I tend to find it to be more fun, especially when individuals try to dominate over a certain space while group chatting with the other players.

To date, the game has a standing of over 750000 players and an average rating of close to 9/10. With such a huge player-base, most players occasionally want easy wins through the platform. This need has then necessitated the use of different hacks and bots (also known as Gota bots).

While we can’t assume the genuine rise in demand for Gota bots, I will be discussing some of the best bots for in this article. I highly suggest that you continue to read on to find out some of the best bots that might just meet all of your needs.

What Are Bots? bots simply refer to video game bots that have been specifically designed for Generally, these refer to computer programs or software whose development has been based on artificial intelligence that allows it to play as if it were a human. One important thing to note here is that different bots are designed differently and can’t be assumed to particularly do the same tasks in Gota. For instance, some might be designed purely for farming different game elements, while others are made to help in analyzing in-game maps efficiently.

Pros & Cons Of Using Bots


  • Saves users playing time through repetitive tasks
  • Helps users level up fast in the game
  • Discord bots help users to effectively manage their game servers


  • Some are costly
  • Others might expose your computer to different security risks

Best Bots You Should Check Out Right Now!

The Donut bot

As one of the bots that I have previously used in, the donut bot is one of those non-legit bots that work very well in playing the game. The bot was developed back in 2017 by Max Donut and currently has an overall sum of more than 45000 installs by active users.

Well, the bot is quite efficient thanks to its regular updates and also a special feature that allows for linesplit in the game. The donut bot comes with an interactive interface and lets users customize different hotkeys to their own liking.

My favorite feature in this bot was that it enables users to auto respawn other players. That is if you are playing in Team Scrimmage. However, remember to use it only when playing with a randomly picked teammate. This will help prevent you from bot detection.


  • Has an interactive interface
  • It is regularly maintained


  • Potentially not legit


Homer2 currently tops our discord bots for That said, you can already tell that Hommer2 is an upgraded version in the Homer series and specifically works to help you better manage your discord servers in

While most discord bots only work well with a linked network of members, Homer2 can be used for all general purposes and allows users to customize its advanced tags, as they would please. Another great thing about Homer2 is that it features multilingual support featuring all the major languages.


  • Supports all major languages
  • Helps automate the management of your discord server channels


  • Best works as a discord server bot only


By now, you could be wondering what my best bot for is, right? Well, I will not keep in suspense anymore. It is the famous OPbot.

I have been using this particular bot for a while now and it seems to be the most effective bot ever made for playing The OPbot can be described as the best automation tool for both farming and map exploration purposes.

For its installation, the bot doesn’t require much other than an unzipping tool. Furthermore, you should know that it is heavily dependent on Tampermonkey and there are lots of YouTube videos that can guide you on its installation.


  • Has lots of tutorial videos to guide users
  • Automate farming and map navigation processes


  • Depends on Tampermonkey Extension

Created by MyCroco Reza and published by RZB Gamers, this particular bot functions as a browser extension. This extension was actually released in February 2019 and already had a total installation rate of 1522 with an average of 10 daily installations.

Despite not having a working license, I’m happy to report that this extension-based bot does not lag at any moment while playing


  • Works as an extension for most modern browsers
  • Does not cause any gaming lags in


  • Has no working license

SARS [clan]

There is no doubt that automation of discord server channels is key in effectively playing any .io game on the internet. Well, SARS is typically a discord server bot, but has a twist in how it actually operates.

First, I would not recommend this to any newbie at the moment but if you have some bot experience then you can totally try SARS. For it to work, users are required first to join a private community referred to as the SARS clan. Afterward, you are free to use and explore the server, as you would wish while playing


  • Allows users to make their own clans in the server
  • Works for other .io games too


  • Not designed for beginners

What Should You Check In A Bot?

Bot usage in the gaming platform has been cited as a major problem by different game developers who have also sworn to fight it off at all costs. That said, I think it would be best if you only chose a good bot that has a very low banning and detection rate. Well, you already know my best choice. Cheers!