Best Gimkit bot 2020

Are you familiar with the old adage that “knowledge is power? Well, for as long as humankind has been in existence, we’ve constantly been looking for better ways of disseminating information.

Today, there is an increasing demand for innovative tools that help engage with students. Thanks to technological advancements, teachers now have formative software that can be used to assess individual student progress.

Gimkit is one such tool. Simply put, an educational gaming software is quickly becoming common in today’s classrooms due to its interactivity. The game allows teachers to put up assignments and quizzes for students and those who answer correctly get to earn virtual money.

This can later be used to upgrade through the game levels. How cool is that?

Given its rising popularity and competitiveness among students, there is a growing demand for Gimkit bots. In this blog post, I will be sharing my thoughts on the best Gimkit bots out there and also provide you with a quick highlight of the best bots for Gimkit today.

What are Gimkit bots?

Naturally, we’ve all grown to believe that survival is for the fittest. Right? In as much as this is true, I tend to lean more towards “survival is for the prepared.”

In a fast-paced environment, there’s so much to keep up with and do. This is now where Gimkit bots come in.

Gimkit bots are simply software that you can install on your device and use them to hack into the Gimkit live game. Through a special script code, the bots will be able to help you answer your quizzes correctly and earn more “money” in the game.

Pros & Cons of using Gimkit bots

In the modern-day world, information is the new gold and oil. While Gimkit bots help you an upper hand in the game and ensure that your survival is guaranteed, they also widen your chances for security vulnerability.

To explain this, Gimkit itself is not compliant with the COPPA terms; therefore, adding bots to the game makes your devices and information more vulnerable to attacks by hackers.

Best Gimkit bot you should check out right now!

1.      Script Extension by SnowLord

To start us off is a simple extension that you can download and install on your browser. With this tool, you can use special scripts, deploy them in the Gimkit game, and explore its settings, as you prefer.

However, the developer (who goes by the alias SnowLord) has cautioned that its security isn’t guaranteed. Luckily, the app doesn’t exploit its users’ data in any way and this is a huge plus for it.


  • Works as a browser extension
  • Free to use


  • Security concerns

2.      Blueboat

Created by Gimkit software developers, Blueboat is simply Gimkit’s server backend script, which ensures that you effectively network, time your events, and manage the state of your game server.

In simpler terms, Blueboat helps you to scale up smoothly even as your game resources grow.

Unfortunately, Blueboat requires great technical knowledge to manipulate and doesn’t offer an external database to save all of your gaming data and statistics.


  • Open source app
  • Great for managing your in-game resources


  • Skill-based bot

3.      Flood-It-Bot

Found in GitHub and developed by someone whose alias is aNNiMON, Flood-It-Bot is a universal bot that you can easily deploy in Gimkit.

You will only require a legit Gimkit pin and the bot software. Once these are in place, Flood-It-Bot will start to spam the game with numerous bots to any given quiz.

Adding many bots to a game is often considered unconventional because it can lead to serious repercussions such as crashing the game.

With this in mind, I believe it’s fair enough to state that this isn’t legit but will surely help buy you some more time to turn in your scores.


  • Spams quizzes
  • Free to use


  • Can crash the game

4.      Gimkit-Hack

Gimkit-Hack is a GitHub-based bot that was created by one developer whose username is SnowLord7. Just as the name suggests, Gimkit-hack was specifically designed to hack into Gimkit.

Unfortunately, there are no instructions or tutorials to take beginners through how it works and you’ll need to have an understanding of how to deploy technical scripts in the game as a prerequisite.


  • GitHub based bot
  • Technical scripts for hacking Gimkit


  • Not beginner-friendly

5.      Gimkit-bot

Gimkit-bot is one of the best bots for Gimkit out there. With it, you will be able to spare lots of time second-guessing through your answers and make a huge sum of money in minutes.

A GitHub user called ecc521 developed the bot and due to its effectiveness, it’s under constant surveillance of the Gimkit developers who try to block it out.


  • Correctly answers quizzes
  • Earns users lots of in-game money


  • Red listed by Gimkit

6.      The havoc bot

As the name suggests, this bot creates chaos in Gimkit by constantly upgrading your game. This bot is designed with a special script that enables it to auto-learn answers to kit questions in Gimkit and later earn you more in-game money.

I mean who does not want to be a “millionaire”, right?

Well, the havoc bot tries to beat Gimkit’s bot detection by auto upgrading your game version with the money earned. On the downside, the working license for this bot is outdated and its updates are not regular.


  • Great for earning more in-game money
  • Automatically answers kit questions and upgrades your game


  • Lacks recent updates and working license

7.      Gimkit-simple bot

This bot embraces the analogy of simplicity. In its structure, the Gimkit-simple bot is designed to resemble that of a normal chatbot but with a twist.

This bot is specifically coded with machine learning elements that enable it to auto-learn Gimkit’s question and thereafter answer them correctly on your behalf. To get it, you can easily access it through the GitHub platform.

However, it needs an urgent update on its operating license plus it has not been very effective in evading Gimkit’s bot detection systems


  • Uses machine learning elements to sift through Gimkit’s answers
  • It is an open-source software


  • Prone to detection by Gimkit

8.      The Omegaboot

Omegaboot offers one of the most comprehensive botting resources for all kinds of games including Gimkit on the internet. These include the option of either using a downloaded application directly to your device or the online botting system available on their website.

Luckily, it is open-sourced on GitHub and you can enjoy all this free.

Omegaboot works as a flood bot and this is perceived as unethical. To use this bot, you will need to enter your Gimkit log in details on the slots provided.


  • It is free to use
  • Introduces a specified number of bots to answer quizzes


  • Its use is seen as unethical

9.      The Invisible bot

Unlike most Gimkit bots, the invisible bot is a multipurpose bot that works towards championing access to the internet to multitudes. It has been termed as the one bot that can do everything.

For your Gimkit needs, this bot largely scans through the set of questions and relays them to human-led panelists who selects the correct answers. In simple terms, this bot works as a medium for Gimkit specialists.

To enable its business model to stay afloat, users are charged $10 every hour.


  • Multipurpose bot
  • Connects users to Gimkit specialists for help


  • Comparatively expensive

The Gimkit hack guide

I know that there are several approaches to hacking Gimkit but let’s keep it simple by looking at the proven strategies that will not fail you in the long run.

        i.            Use of the Gimkit Strategy Calculator

This is a python-coded script that was developed by one Noble H. Mushtak and is available in GitHub. For it to work you have to first buy discounters so that you may get enough in-game money for fast upgrades.

It is recommended that you get up to the tenth level upgrade as fast as possible and then let it do its magic. It is that simple.

      ii.            Clockwise rotations with your upgrades

As the headline suggests, all you have to do here is to constantly upgrade and move your upgrades in a clockwise manner. One important note to keep in mind in this strategy is to make sure that you start with the top left.

    iii.            Use of Gimkit spam sites

While many might urgue that this practice is unconventional, it is one of the easiest ways of hacking into Gimkit. For starters, you will not need to have any special skills to do this. All you will have to do is to go to the spamming site, enter your Gimkit log in details, choose the number spam bots you would like to be introduced into Gimkit, answer the captcha, and click the provided spam or flood button.

Afterwards return to you Gimkit session and like magic the number of spam bots that you entered will automatically be taking charge of the session like little minions.

    iv.            Install CreeHack

While there are several risks associated with rooting one’s device, you could be very interested in knowing how to hack Gimkit without rooting your device. Well, do not be scared of these geeky terms if you are a newbie and a non-techie because CreeHack is here for you.

This application normally works in the background once it has been installed. You might even forget that it exists in your phone. Luckily, it is the Houdini of hacking upgrades for games like Gimkit without you even breaking a sweat trying to learn basic programming.

      v.            Use Lucky Patcher

Unlike most hacking software, Lucky Patcher can be used for both rooted and non-rooted devices. This app gives users an edge by hacking into games in seconds. For Gimkit, you will have to install and run Lucky Patcher first, select Gimkit from the list of games, open the patch menu, modify Gimkit’s file, then launch the modified/hacked Gimkit version.

What should you check in a Gimkit bot?

By now, I know that we can all agree that Gimkit is an amazing game that greatly enhances our educational experience but we are still skeptical about its data privacy and security terms. Well, while Gimkit bots help us stand out tall in our study groups and cohorts, we all need to stay vigilant on their legality and security features.

To wrap this up, I think it would only be fair to remind you to watch out for Gimkit bots that spam and eventually crash the game.