According to data released in 2019 by Facebook, at least 61% of its users had inboxed a business in three months. Just to put this figure into perspective, as a business owner, you must know that Facebook has 2.45 billion users. Of this number, 1.62 million people are active on Facebook. Studies also show that 53% of buyers will only engage companies that are responsive to their social media sites. It is interesting to note that even with the best products if your messenger does not impress potential customers, you may be losing business.

How To Ensure That You Are Using The Facebook Messenger Bots Correctly

Today, messaging the companies is much easier and convenient than using email or telephone. There are therefore huge benefits for you and your business to ensure that you use Facebook messenger bots to encourage customers to buy from you by answering questions correctly and on time. Here are five ways to ensure that you are using the Facebook messenger bots correctly:

2. Improve Customer Service

One of the best ways to take advantage of chatbots is to increase conversions. The use of automated messaging guarantees any business that the customers are provided with an immediate response to ensure that the questions they have are answered. To provide customers with excellent services, the business needs to ensure that the conversion rates are increasing as this will set you apart from your competition.

It is, therefore, crucial for businesses to ensure that their chatbots are taking into consideration the FAQs as they are the questions most customers will ask. The chatbot will provide answers quickly and therefore satisfy the customers. One of the easiest ways to do this is to give multiple-choice responses, and they will narrow down the information customers need.

If you can provide proper, high-quality answers, customers will easily and quickly choose to use your products and services. The relaying of accurate answers at a fast pace ensures that people are less likely to source products from alternative suppliers because they will find you approachable and friendly.

2. Build Brand Awareness

You can also use the bots to let your customers know what your company does and especially when you are speaking with new customers and those who are considering buying from you. This will capture their interests and ensure that your brand is conveyed appealingly to the target audience and thus shifting people from a cold to a warm audience. It is an act that will almost immediately increase sales and profits. There are several ways that you can use to achieve this. The first method is to choose a great greeting message. The greeting should give the customer more information about your business before they ask any questions. The second method is to ensure that there is a menu where customers have a list of questions they can ask about your company. Brand awareness can also be part of the bot conversation as it will capture the audience’s attention.

3. Give Customers The Chance To Visit The Product Page

Once the audience has been warmed up, it is time to direct them to your websites and product pages. You must always make it conversational and natural. It should never sound like a sales pitch. If you want to direct people in a manner that seems like a sales pitch, always ensure that you add a stop button on the menu. Well-designed conversations work better as the services are personalized.

4. Increase Customer Lifetime Value By Sending Broadcasts

The chatbots can be used to send ad hoc to subscribers. There are numerous ways that this can be done without making your brand look bad. You can use the ads to bring back attention to your brand and improve the lifetime value and allow for future conversions. Ensure that the ads are not always too sales oriented. Also, ensure that you send them sparingly, only once a week. All the broadcasts need to do is to ensure that customers know what your business is up to. You may also offer content that they will find useful such as DIY projects and information on when you are launching products and services. Remember to include how these products will benefit them.

The broadcast should be an engaging conversation with customers and not a method to bombard customers with too much information. As questions and offer a way to get them to ask questions and state how they are enjoying the information, you provide them. Remember to give them ways to opt-out of the information if they are not interested.

5. Augmented Reality Should Be Included

The results of augmented reality are much more impressive than you could imagine.  The camera function is particularly useful when you are selling products that customers need to try on before they buy. They can use the camera to try on the products to ensure that they match their needs. This will eliminate the returns and keep customers satisfied since they always know exactly what they are getting from your company.

What Are Facebook Messenger Bots?

A chatbot is an automated messaging program that makes use of AI to converse with people. The programming of the bots allows them to understand users’ questions and provide appropriate answers. These can also execute tasks and provide a perspective to the customers. Not only do they save the company time, but they also gain you more customers because of their friendly nature. The customers are treated as friends and therefore, will only have to type out a message on Facebook as they would with their friends. Today, the era of technology has made it such that people prefer to text than to call, which is why these chatbots have become so famous.

The Facebook messenger bot lives on Facebook, and it can converse with all the users you have and provide the right answers to customers.

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Why Use Facebook Messenger Bots for Business?

Your business gains two main benefits of using the Facebook messenger bots. To begin with, the low barrier to entry, especially if you are new to the industry and when you want to capture new buyers. Facebook is rated as the third most commonly used app in the world. It has a higher potential to give you access to the demographic market you are targeting. It is also a great way to reach customers without spending too much money since building bots is cheaper than building mobile apps.

Secondly, the range of customers you can reach is wide. The competition is lower and allows for better access to a wider customer demographic. You can also use the bots to bypass inbox competition. Some of the other benefits these bots offer include:

  • Allowing you to reach the audience directly
  • Saves money and time on customer care
  • Help customers identify their needs
  • It is easy to handle the e-commerce transactions

How Can You Use Chatbots To Increase The Business Income?

Your chatbot will ensure that you get to make some passive income. However, for the chatbot to be profitable, you must ensure that you have invested enough money and time on it. For your business, the best way to increase the income is to use the chatbots to increase conversions for the landing pages. It is easy to position these landing pages in conversational messages and ensure that the customers follow the link to landing pages. You can also use the bots for advertising which will lead more customers to your site.

Seven Best Facebook Messenger Bots 2020

Short on time?

Here is a quick overview of the best Facebook messenger bots

Name of the botProsConsPricing (Name of package and price)Overall rating (0-10)
Chatfuel-No coding required
-Third-party integration
Does not connect to other interfacesPro $15 per month
Manychat-Friendly support team
-Connects to customers across various platforms
Only connects through Facebook messengerPro $10 per month5
Hipmunk-Provides results in seconds
-Easy to use
Not suitable for small citiesStart $90 annual subscription4
Supercop-Reliable support team
-Affordable price range
Limited copping powersStart $15 per month6
prAna-Imitates human conversation style
-Easy to use
Not convenient for business to businessStart $15 per month9
Kayak-Learns customer preference
-Easy to use
Uses previous data for current recommendationsStart $10 per month8
Dominos-Easy to use
-Allows customers to order and track order
OverpricedPro $39 per month8


1. Chatfuel

 Best Chatfunnel bots.

This is the leading chatbot for Facebook messenger. It was founded in 2015 and is located in the United States. However, that does not limit its functionalities from across the globe. The bot does not require coding meaning you can conveniently build your bot and meet your specific expectations. With this bot, you are guaranteed of increasing automate support and personalize marketing for your business. It is ideal for helping businesses and agencies to build a strong business and make your online presence visible.


  • Increases sales, automate support and personalize marketing
  • Does not require coding when building
  • Free trial version available
  • Third-party integration


  • Does not connect with other interfaces but works great with messenger


The pricing for chatfuel chatbot starts at $15.00 per month. However, the price varies depending on the number of users and the size of your company. Additionally, with this chatbot, you also get to enjoy a free version for trial basis as you master using it. It also has different training sessions from in-person, online, documentation, to webinars. Therefore, you have an opportunity to choose whichever training you are more comfortable and doesn’t affect your schedule.


2. Manychat

Best Manychat bots

Hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world use Manychat for marketing their businesses and automating their Facebook pages experiences. The chatbot was founded in 2016, and since then it has helped in shaping many businesses. It makes it possible for businesses to reach their customers across various platforms by creating and sending SMS’s and emails directly. Therefore, it makes it easy for your business to maintain customer records as well as enhancing communication. Additionally, instead of creating several SMS’s for different platforms, the bot makes it possible for you to connect with all customers in all platforms through a single medium. This software is extremely versatile and easy to use. The team behind the software are super friendly and are always ready to assist customers all the time. Therefore, you will not have to struggle as you try to navigate yourself through the platform.


  • Easy to learn and use
  • Super friendly support team
  • Affordable price range
  • Connects customers across different platforms


  • It cannot be used independently from Facebook messenger


Manychat has a free trial version with over five features to give you a good start with the bot. When you choose to buy, the pro version starts at $10 and provides you with over 12 features more plus the once in the free version. Therefore, the bot will give you complete control of your business marketing.


3. Hipmunk

Best Hipmunk bots

When planning for a business trip but don’t have the time to select your destination physically, Hipmunk chatbot is all you need. The bot allows you to comfortably plan for the trip while at the comfort of your workplace. It connects through Facebook messenger, slack, or skype platform, hence making it convenient for everyone.

Once you feed it with the basic information about you and your travel expectations, it evaluates a variety of destinations for you. It also provides you with at least nine different flight pricing for better planning. Additionally, the bot can also inform you of the best time to travel plus room availability on various destinations. The bot allows you to concentrate on business as it takes care of your vacation plans.  The bot was founded in 2010, and since then it has positively impacted the travel industry greatly.


  • Easy to use
  • Provides multiple travel options
  • Gives results in mere seconds
  • Reliable travel solution


  • Mostly identifies only large and popular cities


The bot comes with a 14-day trial period after, which you are required to subscribe for only $15 per month. With the free trial version, you get to enjoy unlimited travel evaluation for the 14 days. However, with the monthly subscription, it becomes easy for you to customize the bot to meet your specified expectations.


4. SuperCop

Best SuperCop bots

SuperCop is a bot that helps you monitor your online presence and identifies any threats on your account. The bot is super easy to use and connects easily to your Facebook messenger app. Unlike other chatbots, SuperCop guarantees to limit any possible attacks on your account as you connect with others. Therefore, it ensures to keep all your business transactions secure as you interact with customers. The bots support team is exceptional and are always ready and willing to help where appropriate. Its usability is also on another level allowing you to perform with minimal restrictions efficiently.


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable price range
  • Reliable support team


  • It has limited copping power


For this bot, you don’t have to keep subscribing every month at a fee. Instead, you are only required to pay $90 for a one-time subscription and enjoy years of exceptional performance. It does not have a trial version, but it gets the work done as you would expect.

5. prAna

Best Prana bots

prAna is one of the most effective Facebook messenger chatbot on the market. It connects businesses and customers quite easily and keeps them locked together. Unlike other chatbots, prAna can imitate the human communication style. Therefore, it starts a conversation in a friendly and comfortable way that the customers will feel as comfortable to talk. In return, this technique guarantees that customers will be more willing to c0ontinue with the conversation for an extended period and are more likely to place a purchase. The bot uses emojis and has a unique choice of words to ensure that it maintains a friendly communication style rather than a formal style. At times it would even replace some words to ensure that the person on the other end continues to grow interested in the conversation. Additionally, prAna chatbot can maintain the same friendly tone even when it introduces shoppers to various product details.


  • Easy to use
  • Imitates human conversation style
  • Meets various business personality
  • Maintains similar tone in different conversations


  • Not convenient for business to business communication


prAna has a free trial version that is available for any user who attempts to subscribe. Therefore, before you start making payments for the bot, you will at least have a few days to try its effectiveness in your business. Its price starts at $15 per month.


6. Kayak

Best Kayak bots

Unlike other bots on the market, this works by learning customer preference hence helping you deliver personalized items for them. This guarantees that the bot connects first with the customer and collects essential data for easy business experiences. Additionally, once it understands the needs of the customers, the bot helps you the users to locate each item as the expectations of individual customers.


  • Learns customer preferences for personalized recommendations
  • Connects with customers directly
  • Easy to use


  • It often uses previous data to make current recommendations


This bot comes at a fair price and for only $10 per month, you can enjoy quality performances. It also comes with a free trial version to ensure that it provides the users with exceptional experiences before committing to officially use the bot.


7. Dominos

Best Dominos bot

With dominos chatbot, your business will always have a handful of employees who can take over other duties rather than concentrating on customer purchase. Therefore, your team will be busy working on issues that directly enhance your business operations. Additionally, with the bots, customers will not have to keep lining up while waiting for an available person to assist them in placing their order. Therefore, your business will have a full circulation with everyone involved working towards the success of the business.


  • Frees employees from extreme tasks
  • Allows customers to purchase freely
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to order and track order


  • Slightly overpriced


Dominos chatbot has a free version for a trial that only runs for a limited period. Once you are satisfied with the trial version, you can choose to subscribe depending with your business expectations. The subscriptions start at $39 per month, but you can also subscribe for an annual plan at $999 per month for businesses with advanced workflow.

How to Build Your Own Facebook Messenger Bot

  • Create a chatfuel account
  • Link it to your Facebook page*/
  • Create the messenger greeting of your choice
  • Create your default replies
  • Add the message button to the page

So, Which Bot Is The Recommended By Bestbot Experts?

Among the various bots that we have reviewed, we recommend prAna chatbot. It is affordable and chats to customers at a friendly tone like humans would in a conversation. The bot ensures to engage customers and keep the conversation as interesting as possible.


Facebook messenger bots are among the most profitable and easy ways for businesses to earn profits. They are easy to operate and affordable for both small and large companies that are looking to expand. As a business owner, it is easy to impress customers and generate conversions that make your company profitable.

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