When Mark Zuckerberg first launched the Facebook messenger platform in 2016, he opened an entirely new marketplace with huge potential. Today, Facebook Messenger has over 1 billion monthly active users, who have chosen to download the app as the primary form of communication, whether for business or purely socializing. Facebook messenger platform gives businesses the possibility to build a custom Facebook bot. The Facebook bots refer to special software programmed to automate Facebook messenger conversations. In this article, we feature the best Facebook bots for messenger. Therefore, if you have been searching for the Facebook messenger bots for business, you just landed to the information page.

What are Facebook bots?

Generally, bots refer to a software program that automates a specific task. On Facebook, we have the messenger Chatbots that automate conversations. This means that the best Facebook bots are programmed to parse and understand conversations. Unlike other social media bots, the best Facebook messenger bots are created using the Facebook Wit.ai Bot Engine that has the ability to turn natural language into structured data. So now, the classic question is how do Facebook bots work?

How Facebook bots work

The best Facebook bots use Artificial Intelligence to converse with Facebook users in a friendly approach. The special programs understand the questions and provide specific answers, while they are also able to execute a task. Therefore, they are important when it comes to keeping the conversations going even when all customer representatives are busy.

Now that you understand how Facebook bots work and have some insights on how helpful the best Facebook Messenger bots can be, let us dive into the pros and cons of using Facebook bots.

The advantages of using Facebook Bots

  • They provide 24/7 availability

With Facebook messenger bots, you can keep your audience engaged even after the normal business hours. As businesses seek to attract global customers, Facebook Bot is a great tool to keep conversations between your business and customers ongoing.

  • Facebook Bots help in lead nurturing

These platforms provide a great approach to growing your leads into buying customers. Ideally, if prospects do not find timely answers to their inquiries, they will most likely not purchase. With Facebook Bots, you are always available to take questions and provide ready solutions over the Facebook messenger platform.

  • Personalized experience

Facebook messenger bots feature a unique building process mustered using the Facebook wit.ai bot engine. This gives the ability to convert simple and natural language into structured technical data, allowing the tools to deliver a personalized experience when conversing with prospects.

  • Better engagement

Compared to human interaction, Facebook Chatbots have the ability to ensure uninterrupted engagement. Consider that the automated program does not require taking the tea break, or leaving immediately after 5 PM. Therefore, your audience enjoys better engagement.

Disadvantages of using Facebook Chatbots

  • Require renewal fee

To use the best Facebook messenger you will have to part with renewal fees. This introduces payments into what was meant to be a free chat platform.

  • May don’t get you right

In some instances, Facebook Messenger Chatbots might not get your message right. Therefore, they can be stuck easily, as they depend on pre-programmed instructions.

Intelligent Facebook bots have helped small businesses make it to the fortune 500 companies listing, although they seemed too small to afford such technology. Therefore, to find the best Facebook bots for messenger is a good idea if you are interested in growing your customer base.

The best Facebook bots you should try

Let us now shift gears and look at some of the best Facebook bots you should check out right now!

1. Odus.ai

Born in the autumn of 2017, Odus is an Artificial Intelligence community that focuses on helping businesses through their chat-based product for Facebook messenger. This is through answering to customers inquiries via the Facebook messenger platform. To get started, you create an account and subscribe to the best plan. Odus Pricing is as shown below:

      ☆ Start package gives you everything you need to start @ $1 per month

      ☆ The business package opens up full-powered features @ $149 per month

      ☆ Platinum package with expert guidance for faster results @ $990 per month

The advantages of using this best Facebook Bot for messenger include:

  • Fair pricing
  • Allows users to cancel a subscription at any time
  • Simplified billing method

2. ManyChat

Second, in our list of the best bots for Facebook is ManyChat. With headquarters in San Francisco, ManyChat was founded in 2015 by Mikael Yang. The Facebook Chatbot platform focuses on helping businesses to grow by building meaningful relationships with their customers via the Facebook Messenger platform. To get started on the ManyChat platform, all you need to do is simply signup and connect to your Facebook page to launch your ManyChat bot and start conversations. The pricing is as listed below:

      ☆ Free Plan for beginners

      ☆ Pro Plan for businesses with high growth goals @ $10

The advantages of ManyChat bot include:

  • No questions cancellation refund
  • Flexible payment forms
  • Easy upgrade from free to Pro plan

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3. MFY

This is a Facebook Messenger bot for creators allowing them to send broadcasts and sequences on Facebook Messenger. To get started, you simply sign in with Facebook and allow integration. The pricing is subscription-based, and the Facebook messenger bot offers the following plans:

      ☆ The Pro platform @ $25 per month providing up to 2,500 subscribers

      ☆ Influencer @ $49 per month, with 2,500 to 10,000 subscribers

      ☆ Patron @ $89 per month, and 10,000 to 20,000 subscribers

      ☆ Enterprise @ $149 per month and 20,000 to 50,000 subscribers

The advantages of using MFY include:

  • Provides a widget for your website
  • Responsive design
  • Automatically assigns tags upon subscription

4. Chatfuel

Listed as the leading Facebook Messenger bot for business, Chatfuel allows businesses to automate their Facebook Messenger customer conversations. To get started, all you need to do is simply log in and connect the chatbot to your Facebook page. Upon linking the two, select an appropriate plan and subscribe. The pricing is:

      ☆ Free plan giving you access to basic features

      ☆ Pro Pan Starting @ $15 per month with features that allow business growth

      ☆ Premium plan @ $199 per month allowing more marketing power and advanced tools

The advantages of using the platform include:

  • 30-day refund policy for unhappy clients
  • An easy leads generation method
  • Easy to build a custom Facebook bot

5. Flow XO

Flow XO provides Facebook marketers an easy way of building a custom Facebook Messenger chatbot providing close customer engagement. To get started on Flow XO the best Facebook messenger bot for business, sign in using Facebook account, choose the appropriate plan and create your first customized chatbot using Flow XO. The pricing is affordable, and Flow XO provides a free startup plan for those who would want to check out the features:

      ☆ Start for free

      ☆ Standard Plan @ $19 per month

      ☆ Add-on 5 bots or active flows @+ $10 per month

      ☆ Add-on with 25,000 interactions @+ $25 per month

The benefits of using Flow XO include:

  • Easy subscription
  • Simplified workflow
  • Provides a free startup plan

6. Agent.ai

This is another best Facebook bot for messenger, providing your customers with a live chat that is powered by Artificial Intelligence. Founded in 2015 by UserCare Inc, the Agent.ai features an autopilot 24/7 automated support. To get started, log in and subscribe to one of the attractive plans. The pricing is not available on the vendor’s website.

The advantages of using Agent.ai include:

  • Supports live chat
  • No agent seat charges
  • Provides analytics and insights report

7. Surveybot

Founded in 2016 by Once-Hub Inc, Surveybot is a complete survey builder with a panel management platform. The platform allows the creation of surveys seamlessly and features and advanced conversational logic. Survey bot allows users to create a free survey, and collect answers to inquiries through the Facebook Messenger, and provides an analysis of the responses. The pricing features:

      ☆ Free trial plan

      ☆ 100 responses @ $6 per month

The advantages of using this platform include:

  • Friendly pricing
  • Provides analysis platform
  • Easy to get started

8. ZoConvert

This is the best AI platform compared to the best Facebook bots we have covered so far. It features a simple Facebook bot creation procedure providing users the ability to grow their audience easily. The platform requires a signup to get started, and the user creates a bot simply before launching it. The plans are priced differently and we have:

      ☆ Free Plan Allowing user to engage up to 100 subscribers

      ☆ @ $9 per month engage 1000 Subscribers

      ☆ @ $59 per month engage up to 5000 subscribers

      ☆ @ $99 Per month engage up to 20,000 subscribers

      ☆ Contact the vendor if you need more power.

The advantages:

  • Reasonable pricing plans
  • No hidden charges
  • Personalized messaging

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9. Snatchbot

Released in 2015, the Facebook messenger chatbot features robust administrative capabilities built with enterprise-grade security. The platform delivers the ability to build, connect and publish intelligent Facebook Messenger bots for chat. To get started, simply signup and allow access to your Facebook page. The pricing is:

      ☆ The free plan with basic functionalities

      ☆ Pro Plan with a projected monthly fee of $30 for 10,000 messages

Advantages of Snatchbot include:

  • 24/7 help center
  • Advanced technology giving more capabilities
  • Features a friendly pricing

10. ActiveChat

This is the best Facebook Chatbot providing smart conversations powered by Artificial Intelligence. The ActiveChat works simply by allowing the user to come up with the flow design, connecting to Facebook Messenger, opening a world of possibilities. The pricing includes:

      ☆ Free for up to 100 subscribed users

      ☆ $9 for engaging up to 500 subscribed users

      ☆ $19-engage up to 1000 subscribed users

      ☆ $29-engage up to 3000 users

      ☆ $39-engage up to 5000 users

      ☆ $69-engage up to 10000 users

Advantages include:

  • No credit card is required
  • Features up to 14 days free trial
  • Reasonable pricing

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What to look for when searching for the best Facebook messenger bots

  1. Check whether the Facebook chatbot provides an inbuilt natural language processing capability.
  2. Understand what is your intent to ensure you choose a suitable platform.
  3. What do others say about the particular Facebook messenger chatbot?
  4. For a business, identify a chatbot that focuses on lead generation and revenue growth.
  5. Pocket-friendly pricing and value for money.

Are Facebook Bots legit?

A provocative question when it comes to using Facebook Messenger bots is that of authenticity. Note that Facebook Chatbots are allowed for use on Facebook Messenger, so long as they use the Facebook wit.ai bot engine.

Importance of Facebook Bots and the future

In the business world, strategic integration of Facebook Chatbots has helped to generate massive revenue streams for marketing executives. Facebook marketers have been able to take up the best Facebook messenger bots for sales pitches, through creation of conversational dialogue between their business and the targeted consumer. Imagine having the ability to sell products and provide services online using an automated program that keeps your customers engaged even after the normal business hours.

Therefore, Facebook bots allow users an ability to keep Facebook messenger conversations ongoing, hence keeping users engaged. They are an important investment that businesses should consider. Check out the best Facebook Messenger Chatbots we have discussed above to find out the one that works best for your business.