EVE Online is yet another interesting massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). Don’t worry about the jargon; I’ll explain it as you continue to read on. A gaming company known as CCP Games is the developers and publishers of EVE Online.

Astrological aspects have surely fascinated every human at some point. By this, I mean the universe, galaxies, stars, and space in general. Based on this curiosity, this game’s layout depicts a space-based background.

In fact, it has over 7500 star systems for you to visit. Additionally, as an MMORPG, one can engage in numerous in-game roles that simulate real-life professions.

Apart from the large collection of star systems, you must be wondering what exactly makes EVE Online special, right? Well, in each star system there are in-game competitions that could be based on economics, politics, and/or territoriality.

In any of these single-universe-based challenges, you will be one of the thousands of online players engaging in a single battle. As of 2016, the game was reported to have reached over half a million subscribers.

Even though the game has a limited free to play version, the number of opponents in one battle is excessively competitive to keep up with. That said, most players use different cheating techniques to stay ahead of the others. These include the use of EVE Online hacks and EVE Online bots. Some include EVE Online mining bots to farm in-game valuable, EVE Online mission bots for auto-playing different missions, and EVE Online market bots for general trading within the game.

Due to the growing demand for safer and responsible gaming with a deep desire for competitive advantage, I will be writing more about the best bots for EVE Online. I’ll, later on, provide you with a quick outline of the best EVE Online bots you can use.

What Are EVE Online Bots?

EVE Online bots are automated programs that you can download and use to autoplay EVE Online game. These work best when it comes to mining in-game currency, completing missions, and marketing within the game.

Pros & Cons Of Using EVE Online Bots


  • Saves you lots of playing time
  • Helps users level up fast
  • Mines in-game currency for easy upgrades
  • Efficiently trades with other players


  • Bot detection can lead to permanent termination of your gaming account
  • Use of numerous bots in the game makes it slower and kind of unpleasing

Best EVE Online Bots You Should Check Out Right Now!

The TinyMiner Plus v5.79

By now, I can tell that you are an avid EVE Online player or that you are just interested in getting ahead in the game. Well, let’s talk about some tedious specifics relating to the game.

We all know how hectic it can get when it comes to mining asteroids in EVE Online. To some extent, it can easily be equated to the literal hard work of mining.

Back to our bot now, TinyMiner was first released with the aim of automating the mining process in EVE Online only. With new updates, the bot currently also has extra modules for marketing and can also be used for invasion purposes.


  • Excellent for mining jobs in EVE Online
  • Doubles up as a marketing and invasion bot


  • Not easily accessible

EVE Pilot

The famous EVE Pilot is a product of Macro labs and it works by using simple miner, a technique developed by Gold Harvest Macro Solutions. Simply put, the EVE Pilot is a mining bot that was first released in September 2009.

The bot is quite effective when it comes to automating mining asteroids in EVE Online, hauling from one station to the other, and interacting with the other planets. It is quite a premium bot if you ask me.

Additionally, it is capable of supporting up to 4 players at any given time and works at an incredible speed but only for 23 hours each day. Despite not having a free version, you can take comfort in their 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Can handle multiple tasks in EVE Online
  • Can support multiple clients with mining processes


  • No free-to-play version

The A-Bot

This is a GitHub-based bot that’s being maintained by the Bot Engine forum. Quoting their description, “A-Bot is an EVE Online anomaly ratting bot” and indeed, it is. The bot’s design emulates the Sanderling framework and is quite elusive of any detection.

One thing that I like about the A-Bot is that it has an easy to use interface and that it monitors your surroundings for any kind of invasion. For you to install it effectively, you’ll need to have the latest Microsoft .NET framework already installed in your system.


  • Can’t be detected
  • Monitors and protects your ship from surprise attacks


  • It’s Windows-based only

The Warp-To-0 Autopilot Bot

EVE Online is quite famous due to the concept of space exploration. That said, in the game, you and other players spend much of your time traveling through different solar systems. This repetitive task is quite tedious and can turn out to be somewhat boring, right?

Well, there is an in-game autopilot, but this takes ages and makes the game seem slower. Filling this gap is the wrap-to-0 autopilot bot, which automates flying your ship around and ensures your safety and that of your ship.

However, the bot only runs in Windows and can allow users to introduce their own hacks


  • Users can introduce their own hacks
  • Automates the tedious traveling task


  • Runs only in Windows


Concluding our round-up list is an interesting type of bot that hunts npcs in EVE Online. The H-Bot is fully automated to hunt down npcs, salvage, and loot in-game asteroid belts.

It is quite effective and can work with the latest EVE Online versions. Even though it doesn’t support fighter controls, this bot prioritizes in keeping your ship safe from hostiles. It does so by the use of drones.


  • Works well with the latest EVE Online version
  • Efficiently hunts npcs


  • Doesn’t support fighter controls

What Should You Check In An EVE Online Bot?

EVE Online can sometimes be boring especially the repetitive tasks, and that’s one reason every one using a bot will give to justify botting in the game. Well, while choosing your bot, just remember to counter check if it also doubles up to ensure the security of your ship and avoids detection.

As I conclude, if you are wondering how to introduce a hack into the game, most autopilot bots allow users to do so, but only through Command Prompt in Windows.