Our professional and personal lives have been greatly transformed by the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence. According to researchers, almost 85% of global executives believe that with the help of AI, their companies are likely to obtain sustainable competition and maintain reputable productivity. With chatbots at your disposal, you are guaranteed that your organization will have more free agents and still meet the demands of multiple clients. Also, managing the higher numbers of converted customers becomes easy and will not drain your employees. However, not all chatbots on the market are a great investment for your organization. There are features to check that will guarantee whether the bot is worth your investment.

What to Consider When Choosing a Chatbot

When choosing a chatbot for your company, you need to ensure that you find one that meets your expectations. However, you cannot tell whether the bot will meet your demands unless you have specifications. Here are a few factors to consider before you purchase the bot of your choice.

1. Usability

You need to invest in a chatbot that will allow you flexible usage from any device. Today, most people browse the internet using their phones. Therefore, if your bot does not have a friendly interface where it can support mobile operators, then you are likely to make a wrong investment decision.

Additionally, your bot should be easy to use and should not stress the customers. It is essential to invest in a bot that understands basic language and gives customers direct to the point response with minimal complication.

2. Reliability

What makes bots more reliable is not only the assurance that it operates 24/7 but the fact that it can connect your business to the world.  Most bots today use multiple languages hence allowing you to connect with customers beyond geographic confinement. Therefore, the bot creates an opportunity for you to spread your business wings to reach a bigger market.

You also want to be sure that when you close your office doors, your business doesn’t go to rest with you. Instead, it guarantees that you continue to grow by making more sales. It also guarantees that you don’t need a lot of people working on customer response but rather more people working on service delivery.

3. Flexibility

Flexibility in a chatbot is an essential requirement. A good bot should support multiple channels and also be able to differentiate customers. Most chatbots also can ask specified and direct questions to the clients. Additionally, it is essential to get a bot that can be customized to meet specific customer experience.

4. Profitability

Profitability is crucial when choosing the ideal bot for your company. You want to be sure that the bot of your choice is not only affordable but also convenient for business. Apart from automating your response, chatbots also help businesses make new sales as well as convert new customers onboard. Therefore, it is essential that you only invest in a bot that will mostly provide you with a reputable business.

Are Chatbots Effective?

To answer whether chatbots are effective or not solidly depends on the user. However, most chatbots are designed to mimic human communication techniques. Therefore, your customers are likely not to tell when communicating with a bot or an actual agent. Additionally, if the bot is well trained, it can gather information on various FAQs and respond to them with utmost accuracy. This guarantees that it will provide customers with the satisfaction they need.

Bots also can respond to several customers at the same time and give them the necessary attention. Unlike when using human response, bots can differentiate between customers and respond to them based on their understanding.

Types of Chatbots Available

There are three main types of chatbots on the market support chatbots, skills, chatbots, and assistant chat bots. All three have defined functionality, and they all work towards ensuring your life is bearable.

Skills chatbots are designed as a single-turn bot, and they don’t require contextual awareness to operate. This are bots that are designed to respond to commands without giving you an intellectual response. For instance, a skills bot can be used to turn on lights in a room or music and much more.

The support chatbots, on the other hand, are built to master a single domain. However, the bots have multi-turn capability, context awareness, and personality. These bots should be able to scan and understand anything related to a particular company and be able to walk users through major business processes.

Lastly, the assistant chatbots stand in between the two bots. They know a little about anything, and they mainly ensure to provide a balance. The bots are known for navigating through the bots to give users exceptional stability in their operation.

How To Chatbots Affect Your Online Performance?

Life is not the same as chatbots around. Human communication is completely altered, as one cannot be completely sure that the texts they get are sent from a human recipient. However, in terms of business growth and development, technology has been helpful. When your customer base is significant, and you get thousands of emails daily, going through them one after the other is not quite practical. However, with the assistance of a chatbot, it becomes easy for you to connect with your customers and also concentrate on business expansion.

Best Chatbots Review 2020

Short on time?

Here is a quick overview of the best Facebook messenger bots

Name of the BotProsConsPricing ( Name of package and price)Pricing ( Name of package and price)
Watson Assistant-Easy to use
-Operate on any device
-Not conversant with complex demands$0.0025API call8
Ada-Mimic human communication
-Fast and reliable response
-High price rangeStandard €4200 per year6
Bold360-Multi-channel operation
-Fast and reliable response
-Unstable featuresFree demo6
Rulai-Natural language understanding
-Proactive communication
-Not ideal for complex communicationStarter $25 per month7
LivePerson-Real-time reporting
-Conversation builder
-Agent and bot are almost the sameStarter $30 per month9
Vergic-Voice and message communication
-Connects to multiple channels
-No language interpretationStandard $25 per month8
Inbenta-Mimics human communication
-Different language
-Not compatible with various channelsFreshchat $19 per month7

Watson Assistant

When dealing with multiple customers, there are higher possibilities that you might keep repeating yourself answering to different customers. However, with Watson assistant chatbot, this is no longer an issue for you. The bot can connect with clients and engages with them as you would using your company’s engagement resource.

Best Watson Assistant bot

It strikes a problem-solving conversation using human tactics hence allowing you to have plenty of time to handle other responsibilities. Therefore, with this bot, you are guaranteed to improve the business experience and facilitate steady growth. Additionally, the bot is special, and it connects to any channel, device, or application.


  • Easy to use
  • Mimics human communication techniques
  • Operates on any device


  • Not convenient in handling complex customer expectations


You can get started with Watson assistant with a free trial that lasts for up to a month. The free trial gives you at least 10,000 API calls to enhance your usage. If you choose to upgrade to the standard plan, you will pay $0.0025/API call.

Key Features

  • Simple dialog builder
  • Pre-built content
  • Human-to-human log fast start
  • Improves your assistant using analytics


Ada is an AI chatbot that is here to improve your business operations and take you to a new dimension. The bot is superfast, accurate, and gives customers satisfaction in almost all areas. Therefore, you will not have to worry about the response customers get from the bot.


It operates 24/7 and has an understanding of over 100 languages. In other words, this bot will take your business beyond your geographical restrictions and introduce you to the world.


  • Fast and reliable response
  • Over 100 language understanding
  • Mimics human response


  • It is slightly expensive compared to others on the market


The bot comes in different plan depending on your budget. The price range varies also based on the number of employees you have and minimum accounts. You can start with €4200 a year subscription with one account free.

Key Features

  • Reporting & statistics
  • Multi-channel marketing
  • Social media integration
  • Engagement analytics


Looking for a way to provide seamless customer experience and improve automated customer service, Bold360 is all you need. The bot is designed to meet your customer expectations allowing your agents to engage in other productive responsibilities.

Best Bold360 BOTS

It is designed using powerful and robust technology to ensure that it attends and meets all your customer expectations. The bot also has powerful features, and it can mimic human-to-human communication for improved customer interaction.


  • Connects via any channel
  • Fast and reliable response


  • Features keep changing


Pricing varies depending on the type of bot you need from the helpdesk, acquire, advise service, to an agent.  However, it also has a free demo for any plan you choose.

Key Features

  • Customizable branding
  • Proactive chat
  • Third-party integration
  • Screen sharing


Rulai chatbot has multi-tasking abilities and natural language understanding for seamless experiences. The bot connects with the customer and engages them in a productive conversation for better service.

Best Rulai BOTS

When you have this bot, your business will experience high customer flow and rapid growth. The bot also allows you to engage in other productive experiences without looking over your shoulders to respond to customer queries.


  • Natural language understanding
  • Engages in proactive conversation


  • Not convenient in handling complex conversations


Unlike other chatbots on the market, rulai is quick and cost-effective. It has different plans and a trial demo for each plan. You can get started with only $25 per month.

Key Features

  • Natural language understanding
  • Capacity to handle multi-intent
  • Asks clarifying questions
  • Mimics human-to-human conversation


Best Liveperson BOTS

Working from home has never been easy as with liveperson as your assistant. The bot ensures to coordinate all your sales and gives your customers exceptional satisfaction. Liveperson gives your customer priority and ensures to provide reliable and valid information.

The bot is secure and keeps all customer information safe. Therefore, your customers will feel safe transacting with your business. Additionally, the bot connects with agents for consultations to ensure that it gives your customers satisfied information all the time. It engages on multiple channels, making it ideal for all customers.


  • conversation builder
  • real-time reporting


  • difficult to differentiate between the bot and the agent


This bot is quite affordable, so there is nothing that should stop you from investing in it. The price ranges start from $30 per month and increase with the plan subscription. Additionally, it comes with a seven days trial demo.

Key Features

  • Tailored customer experience
  • Personalized invitation
  • Multiple language operations
  • Superfast interactions


Best Vergic BOTS

Managing everything in your business can be a complicated experience. Handling customers and replying to messages and improving your business performance can be overwhelming. However, with Vergic our side, you will have sufficient time at hand to manage your other business entries.

Although the bot is automated, it relates to human experiences hence provide a response in a human-friendly technique. Therefore, your customers will not feel as if they are conversing with a machine.


  • Supports voice and messaging communication
  • First and reliable response


  • It does not have language interpretation


Vergic bot is designed to fit in any business budget. It comes with different subscription plans from the start, standard, to pro. Price ranges from $25 per month, and it also has a free demo.

Key Features

  • Workforce management
  • Visitor authentication
  • Digital voice
  • Messaging and webchat


When you are dealing with a large group of customers manually, it is easy to confuse them. You are likely to respond to different messages to the wrong people hence compromise your business operations. Also, when you commit to working on your customer demands, you are likely to get too occupied to manage other parts of your business.

Best Inbenta BOTS

However, you don’t have to go down this road. Free yourself some time and strategize on how to improve and grow your business with an automated assistant. Inbenta guarantees to free you some time and focus on other developments and also keeps your customers attended too.


  • Improves customer experience
  • Understands human communication technique


  • Not compatible with all communication channels


It has a limited trial period that gives you access to essential features and sees how it works. After the trial period, you will be required to subscribe to a plan that is convenient for your budget. The price is based on the number of sessions on your site. You can pay as low as $19 per month to $109 per month.

Key Features

  • Auto-response
  • Analytics
  • Self-service
  • Support ticketing


Choosing a chatbot for your business could be the best investment you make in this digital generation. It allows you to not only concentrate on building your business but also allows you to have sufficient time for your personal development. Additionally, bots guarantee to keep your customers intact and give you hints on where to improve performance.