In this century, it would only be fair to assume that most of you reading this have played a video game or two in your lifetime. Well, there is an explosion of very thrilling games today that most of our reality-deprived youths passionately use today to pass time.

On the contrary, I am not a big video game enthusiast but there are occasions where I have installed and played hundreds of games on my phone. One that has stayed there for the longest time being Hay Day.

To answer your question. Yes, that farm game. I have been playing it since middle school before life happened and I somehow stopped.

Two months ago, something much unexpected happened. My career life was hanging loose on a thin line thanks to Hay Day. Before I spill the beans here, let me take you back a little bit.

Having finished my IT internship, it was nearly winter break and I had just received the best news at that time that I had been shortlisted for an interview with one of the Fortune 500 companies.

I could not help keep calm about it, as this was my dream company and dream job. Wow! I was electrified.

Hay Day Resurrection

That very evening after receiving that fateful call, I went straight to my closet trunk to put my particulars in order. I know, I was so excited that I could not help get ahead of myself.

The interview was in one week.

Back in the trunk, I made a nostalgic discovery. My old phone.

This changed everything. It hacked into my mind and made me forget about the interview for a minute. I was even shocked that it still had the juice to start up.

Truly, old is gold and as expected, I started going through it while remembering the good old days.

It was not too long until when I saw the Hay Day icon. “Fudge! How did you survive this long?” Having worked hard and owned one of the wealthiest farms back then, I was thrilled to see it.

Today, I understand that many of you would rather use Hay Day bots than put in the hard work to get ahead, right? Sorry to disappoint, I am old school.

The “Reunion”

I quickly opened the app and clicked past the introductory bit as we all do then frantically tried numerous logins intending to revive my old farm.

Sadly, I was not lucky enough to get it back.

The grief of losing my virtual farm fuelled up a hot desire to build a much bigger one from scratch. But wait, it has been ages since I last played Hay Day. Do I still have what it takes?

Having nothing to lose I mustered up the courage and started over with a few gardening plots and a chicken. Since leveling up in Hay Day is easy, by the end of the first day I was almost winding up level six with a coop of chicken, a few cows in the shed, and a bigger farm of wheat and corn.

The addiction

Hay Day is created in such a way that it depicts a sense of urgency despite it being an illusion. A farmer has to work hard and make sure that all products are availed as per the demand or else you would incur losses.

The whole week went to drain without me knowing. I was completely engaged in Hay Day and all I could think of was how to set up more farm-based factories like sugar mills, dairy factories, feed mills, and many others.

I was addicted. Again.

It is now that I remember that this was the reason why I had to put this phone away for good.

With time has flown by, my interview was to be on the following. Oh no! It was evening and I was not prepared.

I felt trapped inside my head, with the doors shut tight and the windows covered. Darkness ruled the vicinity and the only sound I heard was that of my throbbing heart.

I started to panic and hurriedly tried to get my documents in order.

The Interview

It was D-day and I remember waking up early in the morning to check through the artificial Hay Day newspaper for rare items then prepared for the interview.

At the venue, the panelists’ laser-focused attention fixed on me seemed as if someone had snitched my addiction. Having not played Hay Day again since earlier that morning, I started feeling naked.

With 10 minutes to go, sweat started dripping down my forehead, but not from the interview. It was the “nerve-racking” tension. Everything went quiet for a moment and my mind started to wonder if my virtual eggs and farm products would sell in the newspaper at full price.

The question “Finally, can you please explain to us anything else about yourself especially if you have any weaknesses” brought me back to my senses.

Immediately, I explained my recent addiction to Hay Day and my plans to manage it.