Inspired by the natural biological elements in every living organism, or better known as Agario is an interactive online-based action game that allows for multiple players. Developed by a Brazil-based technologist called Matheus Valadares, players get to control cell-like creatures and navigate them through a map that resembles a petri dish.

While this might not be one of the motivations behind its creation, I tend to believe Agario is one of the best ways to start prepping your child for biology lessons. It’s quite creative actually.

Back to the game, just like agar’s actual laboratory use, players have to feed this substance to their cells for growth. Once the cells attain a specific ‘body’ mass, they split and players now get to control multiple cells.

In order to survive though, players can repeatedly feed other smaller cells to their grown cells. Be sure to stay clear of bigger cells than your own since they can equally have your cell for lunch. This would mean game over for you and you would be required to start all over again.

Over time, Agario developers have continually made other versions with updates that allow players to team up. With alliances being formed online, competition in the game only gets stronger by the day.

To get ahead of the competition and ensure that your cells survive even when you aren’t actually playing, you must have been on the lookout for different Agario hacks, Agario bots, and/or bots. Search engines attribute the most Agario related searches to phrases such as how to get Agario bots, Agario bot chrome extension, and best Agario bots.

In this article, I will highlight and discuss some of the critical things that you need to know about the best bots for Agario.

What Are Bots?

Before getting to the meat, let’s deal with the juices first. bots can be defined as software that relies on artificial intelligence to learn and emulate human behavior and automatically play Agario by themselves just as you would.

Some call them automated tools, while others refer to them as auto-play programs but I prefer bots or Agario bots.

Pros & Cons Of Using Bots


  • Saves you lots of playing time
  • Farms out game valuables to your advantage


  • Can get you banned from the game
  • Some make the game slower hence boring

Best Agario Bots You Should Check Out Right Now! bot

This bot is a product of a long-term GitHub-based project developed by the user called Apostolique. Those interested in its full coding, you can stream it live at the twitch tv website.

The bot is basically an Agario bot chrome extension that will only work from your browser. One thing to take note of is that you will have to install third-party add-ons such as Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey before activating the bot’s script on the actual game.

Luckily, the bot has several video tutorials to help most beginners with installations. However, you might want to disable your ad blocker (if you have one) since this causes the bot not to spawn.


  • Has introductory videos for beginners
  • It is an Agario bot chrome extension


  • You might potentially be infested with adware

The Party Bot

Widely known as the vanilla version, the free bot incorporates a stream of Agario hacks in its operation. It is an open-source bot developed by a Greasy Fork user known as Jimboy3100.

Created in August 2019, the bot doesn’t have any applicable license and it’s absolutely free to use. Furthermore, the bot only works on chrome and opera browsers. One more thing, in order to deploy its legend mod in Agario, you might want to disable adblocker and any antivirus in your system.


  • Totally free to use
  • Works as a browser extension


  • Has no applicable working license hence potentially not legit

The Free Facebook Bots

Another GitHub-based and best Agario bot are the facebook bots. Developed by one GitHub developer whose username is TroxepYT, this bot only functions as a proxy version.

The bot is regularly updated and at the time of writing this, its current version is v2.0.0 with this up your sleeves, you can be sure to the sophisticated recaptchas designed to detect bots in Agario.

On the other hand, the bot uses vanilla use scripts to hack into Agario but is dependent on the installation of tampermonkey browser extension.


  • It’s effective and free of charge
  • It is regularly updated


  • Doesn’t have a standalone setup

The Free Agario Discord Bot

This is a windows-based bot that effectively uses vanilla hacking scripts to give you an edge while playing Agario. The bot basically uses discord servers which makes it almost invincible.

It can easily be found from GitHub and was created by the user named xN3BULA. Most users simply love it because it’s open-source software and that it’s available on the go.

On the downside, it’s also dependent on tampermonkey meaning that it cannot effectively work on its own.


  • It is open-source software and totally free of charge
  • It is readily available to anyone through GitHub


  • Optimally works on Windows platform only

The Bot Extension

Closing our list of best bots for Agario, is the bot extension. From its name, you can already tell that it typically operates as a browser extension.

While the bot is heavily praised for its ability to farm as much agar as possible, it can only work either on Chrome or Firefox browsers. Just a little heads up if you will use this bot for the first time, be sure to remember its hotkeys while playing.

Special regards go to (X) which splits cells, (C) for feeding your cells, and (P) for easy mobility when collecting agar.


  • Has select hotkeys to help play easily
  • Farms unlimited agar


  • Works only in chrome and firefox browsers

What Should You Check In An Agario Bot?

While bot usage remains a hot topic in online gaming platforms and users’ knowledge, I would prefer that you go for bot chrome extensions, as they are easy to use.

To wrap this up, the only hacks that you can bring into Agario using bots rely on the user scripts being supported. Some might require disabling the game’s shield so that these hacks might take effect.